Pipeliner Sales CRM Software Puts Sales Teams on the Winning Track

Collaborate effectively using a proven sales process based approach, supported by sales crm sofware tools that promote better decision-making and improve your sales team’s ability to win deals.

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CRM Software for Sales Teams

Easily Manage Customer Relationships with Pipeliner CRM Software

Pipeliner sales CRM software makes it easy to manage customer relationships across the extended sales organization. Track all customer interactions from initial contact, to hot marketing lead, to qualified sales opportunity, and satisfied new customer; all interactions, documents and customer information are conveniently available from one comprehensive account view.

Manage unlimited numbers of contacts and accounts. Use as many custom fields as you need to create your own customer profiles and start tracking the information most relevant to your sales success. Personalize every aspect of the interface to get instant access to your most relevant business data while on the road. Learn how easy it is to manage your company’s single most valuable business asset, your customer base, with the help of Pipeliner CRM customer relationship software.

Sales Relationship Management


  • Get 360-degree customer overview
  • Full interaction history and activity details
  • Shared central database
  • Fully customizable contact & account profiles
  • Global search and data filters
  • Identify decision makers and map relationships

Sales Ready Contact Manager

Sales Ready Contact ManagerEffectively manage contacts, prospects and customer communications, stay on top of their social activities and keep track of all interactions. Customize profiles to gather the information you need with contact manager CRM software.

Growing Accounts made easy

Growing Accounts made easyOne unified customer view gives you access to all the information you need to effectively engage customers; farm new and renew business from existing accounts and create loyalty the easy way. Learn more on sales account management CRM software.

Define the Relationship Strategy

Define the Relationship StrategyIdentify key decision makers with Pipeliner CRM within your prospect’s organization; their influencers as they relate to your current opportunity, and draw up connections between them to better understand the buyer’s organization.

Pipeline Management Visualized

Pipeliner sales CRM software enables new ways to visualize and interact with sales data. It adds visibility to your sales pipeline by providing you with a real-time overview of where all your opportunities sit in the context of your sales cycle. A truly effective sales methodology built right into the sales CRM software, serves as an easy to follow sales roadmap. Customizable to the way you do business, it enables sales teams to maximize opportunities and win bigger and better deals in less time. Sales teams can easily qualify leads into sales opportunities that they can visually track and intuitively progress into winning deals. Take a look at some of the other innovative pipeline management features we have packed into this release of Pipeliner CRM

Pipeline Management Visualized


  • More accurate sales forecasts
  • Improved pipeline visibility
  • Sales Pipeline insights you can act on
  • Shortened new employee ramp up times
  • Improved accountability and adoption
  • Empowers salespeople to act independently

Qualify Hot Marketing Leads

Qualify Hot Marketing LeadsEasily capture, manage and distribute prospects to the right salesperson, so leads and opportunities are pursued quickly and nothing falls through the cracks. Easy drag & drop lead qualification with custom profiling criteria.

Track Sales Opportunities

Track Sales OpportunitiesTrack the details of every sales opportunity to stay on top of your sales progress and ensure your sales team hits their sales targets. Learn more about opportunity management with Pipeliner CRM Software.

Accurately Forecast Revenues

Accurately Forecast RevenuesIn Pipeliner CRM your forecast is always in front of you. View it from any angel; drill down to get all the details with just a few clicks. Get real-time insights into your pipeline for more accurate sales forecasts. Find out more about generating accurate forecasts using Pipeliner, in our sales management software overview.

Accelerate Deal Flow Through Your Pipeline

Accurately Forecast RevenuesThe Pipeline Velocity feature lets you control the flow of opportunities in your sales pipeline. Monitor the time it takes for opportunities to advance from one stage to the next in your sales cycle. Control how long each stage should ideally take. Resolve bottlenecks early and effectively reduce sales cycle length for better deal flow and more sales.

Intuitive Sales Reports and Analytics

Intuitive Sales Reports and AnalyticsThe visual pipeline helps you zone in on your forecast, graphically enhanced sales reports and dashboards help monitor your pipeline, and analyze your win/loss scenarios for more accurate revenue predictions and more.

Streamlined Sales Management Process

Streamlined Sales Management ProcessThe built in sales methodology enables managers to implement all the elements that make up the companies sales best practices approach to winning deals. One view into everything you need to proactively support your team.

Sales Team Collaboration on the Cloud

Boost your sales team performance with effective sales collaboration. Easily work around documents, accounts, sales opportunities and marketing leads. It helps get a better feel for the pipeline; with the entire sales team focused on those opportunities that matter the most. Working as a team, is part of the Pipeliner experience, where sharing, delegating and staying on top of each other’s development is part of the game.

Managing your sales team in Pipeliner is easy. The sales management portal, allows you to manage sales profiles, fine tune access privileges, assign territories and shared lists from one central location securely hosted on the Cloud. Your data is safely backed-up, and instantly available to the entire team. We provide the infrastructure you need to ensure uninterrupted and quick access to your data, all of the time.

Sales Team Collaboration on the Cloud


  • Increased sales team productivity
  • More time customer facing, less administrating
  • Activity Alerts help monitor developments in real-time
  • Reduced new employee ramp up times
  • Improved accountability and adoption

Share, Collaborate and Learn!

Share, Collaborate and LearnShare views, documents, provide advice to your colleagues, follow the discussion on any prospect or deal from within the activity stream to always stay on top of the conversation. Find out more about Online Team Collaboration using Pipeliner CRM software.

Team Management on the Cloud

Team Management on the CloudManaging your sales team with Pipeliner is easy. The sales management portal, allows you to manage sales profiles, fine tune access privileges, manage sales territories and common lists from one central location hosted on the cloud.

Delegate & Follow Activities

Delegate & Follow ActivitiesEasily re-assign opportunities to team members, delegate tasks and activities to others, schedule appointments, stay on track with activity alerts that keep you posted on every development and help your team stay on schedule. Learn more about managing sales team activities using Pipeliner's built-in task management software.

Role Based Security

Role Based SecurityPipeliner CRM enables you to fine tune access privileges, control membership access, and create personalized role-based user experiences that make it easy to manage sales teams. Profile settings help streamline the sales management process with pre-defined search and filter settings, which allow you to access the different pipeline views instantly.

Sales Productivity Tools

Puts tools at your team’s disposal that help them to be more productive. Cut through CRM administration; streamlined access to all the information surrounding each contact, account, lead or opportunity inside your pipeline. Keep track of all the information you need, neatly organized in one location with all attached documents and customer interactions, tracked in detail and at your fingertips. Sales data visualized, searchable, instantly accessible and even reportable. With integrated sales tools that help your team advance opportunities effectively.

Sales Productivity Tools


  • Leverage existing sales tools
  • Effectively access sales data for easy access
  • Monitor shared activities in real-time
  • Effective sales tools built-in your workflow

Activity Management

Activity & Task ManagementSchedule tasks, monitor activities in real-time, task management makes it easy to organize and stay on top of your critical deadlines, tasks and responsibilities. Learn how easy it is to manage tasks and activities using Pipeliner’s built-in task management software features.

Seamless Outlook Integration

Seamless Outlook IntegrationYou can synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks; even integrate auto updated Dashboard results inside Outlook. Helps you leverage existing data, even syncs in the background, in both directions to keep everything up to date. Download the Pipeliner CRM Outlook client Plug-In NOW!

Offline Desktop CRM Client

Offline Desktop ClientCombining the speed and reliability of a desktop CRM application with the security, low total cost of ownership, and availability of one hosted in the Cloud. Desktop client runs on your Mac or Windows PC. Download the Pipeliner CRM Software for Mac or Windows CRM!

Access to Notes & Documents

Access to Notes & DocumentsShare and attach documents of any type to any opportunity, contact or account, add notes to help you keep track of important details.

Global Search & Filters

Global Search & FiltersSee the sales pipeline for individual team members, specific products, any timeline past or in the future, arrange by closing dates, slice and dice your sales data the way that makes the most sense to you.

Track Sales Goals in Real-Time

Track Sales Goals in Real-TimePipeliner CRM enables you to track your goals at all times. Whether you track your sales forecast or quota, we have made it easy for you to follow any type of custom goal; off-course in real-time and always right in-front of you.

Mobile CRM for Sales Teams

Conveniently access all of Pipeliner CRM’s main sales features when on the road. Take lead and opportunity management with you where ever you go. Pipeliner mobile CRM for sales includes our popular easy CRM for Android phones and tablets app, Desktop CRM Software for Mac, Apple iPhones and iPad tablets.

Mobile CRM for Sales Teams


  • Access from anywhere, at any time.
  • Stay always on track of key deals
  • Delegate and monitor activities when away
  • Full sales process support

Easy CRM for Android Phones & Devices

Easy CRM for Android Phones & DevicesSupports your way to do business. Define your sales stages; add sales tools, and guides. Create multiple pipelines for different selling scenarios. Learn more on Pipeliner CRM App for Android.

Pipeliner CRM for Mac iOS

Pipeliner CRM for Mac iOSEasy to use sales CRM app for Apple iPhone and iPad supports all main Pipeliner CRM features on these popular Apple mobile devices. Learn more about our CRM App for Mac iOS based wireless devices.

Offline CRM Client for Mac or PC

Offline CRM Client for Mac or PCAllows you access, update information to all contacts, accounts and opportunities also when offline. Synchronize automatically with the team database when you have access to the Internet. Download the Pipeliner CRM Software for Mac or for your Windows desktop CRM!

Customizing everything is Easy

Every company and sales organization is unique. Pipeliner sales CRM Software is designed for easy tailoring around your business, sales process and the specific products or services you provide. We help streamline your methods and help you apply them effectively to the channels you sell to.

We make customizing your sales CRM software as easy as point & click. You can modify the stages of your pipeline, add an unlimited number of custom fields, and re-design any form to your liking. Manage everything conveniently from one central location on the team management Cloud. Never worry about a thing! Your data is made instantly available to your entire team, up to date and accessible always, no matter what. Let us worry about the rest. Take a look, and see how easy CRM can be with Pipeliner CRM Software.

Customizing everything is Easy


  • Personalized sales team experience
  • Fully adapts to the way you do business
  • Easily integrate existing sales data & resources
  • Multiple currencies and time zones supported
  • Full sales process support

Customizable Sales Process Support

Customizable Sales Process SupportSupports your way to do business. Define your sales stages; add sales tools, and guides. Create multiple pipelines for different selling scenarios.

Point & Click Layout Design

Point & Click Layout DesignThe template designer gives you more freedom of choice. Configure every aspect of data entry with drag & drop simplicity. Add any data type to your forms, track milestones, gather strategic data; ensure your team speaks one sales process language.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Unlimited Custom FieldsWith the freedom to configure and customize all data entry aspects of the sales CRM software, Pipeliner CRM gives you unprecedented flexibility and freedom to adapt the sales software to your very specific needs. Learn how easy CRM can be to customize.

Easy CRM Import & Export

Easy CRM Import & ExportWe make it quick and easy to import & export your leads, contacts or opportunities using Excel, vCards or by seamlessly integrating with Outlook using the Pipeliner CRM Outlook Client. Add functionality with an easy-to-implement API. Best of all its all included FREE of charge.

Customizable Sales Reports & Dashboards

Customizable Sales Reports & DashboardsEasy customize sales and activity reports, configurable dynamic sales dashboards and sales goals or targets. Track and monitor your most important KPIs in real-time, even directly from within Outlook.