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Pipeliner CRM Customer Case Studies

We can make many claims about Pipeliner CRM--but have a look for yourself. How are real-world companies using Pipeliner CRM, and how do they benefit from Pipeliner's Instant Intelligence, Visualized?

Browse our latest Pipeliner CRM case studies below. Click on a link for the detailed case study.

“Other systems may have provided plentiful information, but when you looked at it you almost gave up before you started, because it just wasn’t laid out properly. Pipeliner, to me, is very pleasing to the eye. The layout is very nice. Something as basic as colors makes a big difference.”

Zeli Wiedermann
Office Manager

The clarity of data and how easily visible it is has made a huge difference in our process. It's much easier to target key opportunities, instead of trying to sort through tables and tables of data. The visual representation was probably the biggest selling point for Pipeliner as far as I was concerned.

Imran Jaferey
Vice President—Global Sales

We needed a sort of checkpoint for the implementation of our sales process and sales methodology. I think from that point of view, having an application like Pipeliner really helps enforce that. People perceived that they were ‘doing things in Pipeliner,’ but the reality is that by doing that they were also adopting a much more standard sales process. I think that's the real value for us.

Luca Scagliarini

I would definitely recommend Pipeliner to other companies. We love the product. When it comes to using the API, Pipeliner has done an excellent job of documenting that API, and making it really straightforward and easy to use.

Chad Picha
AIM systems engineer

At the beginning of 2016 we made a goal to increase sales by 20 percent, which is a large increase for our business. As of December 1st we are at 95 percent of that lofty goal with 31 days left to go. We really owe it to Pipeliner for helping us get to where we are now.

Luke Wittenbraker
Sales and Marketing Director

I’ve been leading and managing industrial salesforces for a long time, and I’ve used a lot of different software packages, including Sugar, Salesforce, Goldmine, Lotus Notes and many others. I would say Pipeliner is by far the best one I’ve used—a perfect mix of functionality and ease of use. I give Pipeliner a ten out of ten.

Howard Lind
President and CEO

With Pipeliner, we don’t need to spend those countless hours going through spreadsheets or creating formulas. We can click a button, figure out the report, view it and analyze it, and then refine from there. Since we started with Pipeliner, we’ve grown our company by 100 percent, and we’re on track again his year to do another 50 percent growth. I would probably credit that to Pipeliner because it gives us the ability to see everything.

Keegan Andreas
Co-owner and Sales Manager

There’s nothing that salespeople hate, if they’re good salespeople, worse than paperwork and reporting. It is the bane of my existence. Pipeliner is the least intrusive CRM that I have played around with, and it still has everything there that I need. It is very sales-forward. I think from a salesperson’s perspective it is the most in synch with the way we want to go to market, the way we want to go to the street, and how streamlined we want to stay.

Chris Collier
National Sales Manager

The ease of customization was one of the biggest factors for choosing Pipeliner CRM. We’re a small company so we don’t have an in-house IT person, so it was going to come down to me to make this thing work. When I got into it knee-deep, figured it out and was able to explain it to the other sales guys in short order, it became a no-brainer for us.

Eric McDowell
National Sales Manager

It used to be that on Friday we would sit in three sales meetings for three different companies, reviewing the previous week. It would be an all-day event. It was just not efficient. Now because of Pipeliner we have everything updated on Thursday, and everybody has full vision because Pipeliner is completely transparent. When we step into a meeting on Friday, it’s three 45-minute sessions (one for each company) on the new current events and activities, versus going back and reviewing for the whole week. We review everything at a glance and say, ‘Hey what’s new? What’s coming up?’ It’s all about next steps versus follow-ups. You multiply 6 hours a day times 15 people, and that is an incredible saving.

Larry Nichols
Marketing Manager

Being able to see where everything is in the quotations process just beats looking at a line item in a proposal database. It’s the visualization of our pipeline. Plus it’s fully customizable, it’s easy to use, tech support is great, and it’s affordable.

Steven Pitkoff
Marketing Coordinator

Pipeliner CRM is the main worktool used by our sales team today. All client leads are registered, and then we have configured nine different sales steps for our business. Pipeliner CRM makes it easy to follow the different steps in the sales cycle, all the way to the end goal.

Wilhelm Liljencrantz
Sales and Development Manager

What’s really great about Pipeliner CRM is that the functionality and the ability for it to bridge to other departments like Marketing, quite seamlessly, allows us to really hold true to our ideals of bridging and accelerating success.

Chris Houghtaling
Founder & Managing Director

Pipeliner provided us with an interface where we can assign and follow-up leads, a highly customizable way of setting targets and monitoring performance, as well as great reporting tool with chart and dashboard capabilities. We have managed to customize Pipeliner to fit exactly the business requirements of our sales team, with very little IT knowledge required.

Andreas Neocleous
Senior Manager

Tone of voice has special meaning in the sales process. Pipeliner is helping me bring my own unique tone to my interactions with my existing clients and gracefully develop new relationships with prospective ones.

Arno Fischbacher

With Pipeliner, we know exactly where we are, what comes next, and how we will end up at the end of this year. Can you show me any other tool that gives you such an excellent answer and insight into all your business needs?

Chris Sudergat
Co-founder and Managing Director

Tensator has found Pipeliner to be an easy to use business tool, which has both minimised the administrative overhead on our sales team and assisted us in achieving our business goals.

Adrian Day
Chief Financial Officer

Pipeliner Dashboard provides an immediate picture of your deal status to ensure you don't miss any details as each deal moves through the sales process. I also find it very helpful to have all the required documents easily available at each step and tied to each prospect. This software provides an easy and efficient way to see and use the sales process for our deals.

Carajane Moore

We have been very pleased with Pipeliner. From a management perspective, I have really enjoyed the ability to customize the look to match our sales process. It has also been great to have 100% visibility on the progress of each project/opportunity as it moves through the pipeline. Can’t wait for the added CRM capability forthcoming!

DeVon Labrum
Vice President Sales & Marketing

For many years our management has successfully used Pipeliner, where they can get a real time overview of all internal sales activities simply with the click of a button. More importantly, our sales team love to use it and, as a result, we tracked a tremendous increase in sales.

Florian Goebel
Managing Director

Pipeliner does something very unique and innovative. It puts the sales pipeline right in front of you to work from and monitor so you can keep your mind set on the opportunities. It also allows you to bring your leads right into the pipeline from the same screen to give you an incentive to keep calling.

Matt Sawicki
Marketing Communications Specialist

Pipeliner – a great strategic sales tool to keep your sales opportunities on track. The system helps the Sales Team to track affords into money. Easy to handle, nearly everywhere available and suitable with almost all common tools like outlook. Pipeliner gives a quick and detailed overview about leads and opportunities. It´s easy to set up and a tool that supports companies to bring a structure in the sales circle.

Markus Brauner-Scharm
Sales Support

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