Pipeliner Mission and Vision

Pipeliner CRM is many things. It is the most visual CRM on the market—we call it Instant Intelligence, Visualized. It is the first CRM that truly empowers salespeople, and has as its goal the freeing of salespeople so that they can truly flourish and succeed.

But why are we really here? Are we here just to develop and sell a CRM application?

No. Behind the development of that CRM application—and, in fact, behind everything we do—we have a real cause.

The story begins with our mission statement:

Pipeliner’s mission is to put people first—by providing a CRM solution that empowers them, gives them real business insight, to enjoy and have fun using!

The population of Earth, some time ago, passed the 7 billion mark. Despite the sheer number of people on this planet, it is still the individual that counts. It is only the individual who can make a difference. And that is why we put people first.

With our product and company focus, we are dealing in the area of sales—hence it is salespeople we are concentrating on. We are raising the profile of the salesperson, and in fact have created a whole new term for the salesperson of today (and, indeed, tomorrow): salespreneur.

As stated in the mission statement, we begin with a CRM application that is enjoyable, and that salespeople have fun using. We do that because we know from long experience that when people stop enjoying the work they are doing, it is pretty much a downward spiral from there. Work becomes a grind for them, and their employer is affected by the lowered quality of their work product.

But enjoyment isn’t in itself enough. How do we further make a difference, and what do we want to achieve through that difference? These things are expressed in our vision statement:

Pipelinersales corporation is dedicated to:

  • being the primary agent of change for salespeople worldwide
  • educating and helping them adapt to a buyer-driven world, through our Knowledge Factory and the Pipeliner
  • applications demonstrating to the world that the Networked Selling approach promotes collective economic freedom, increased wealth and peace through trade
  • and creating 1 million new sales jobs globally by the year 2020

Beginning with that first point, how do we become a primary agent for salespeople worldwide? We become such an agent through our approaches; through our thinking, through our philosophy.

Out of the principles that we have adapted for our company and product--business principles that have survived and succeeded through over 150 years throughout the world—we have evolved the concept of the salesperson of today: the salespreneur. Above all things, the salespreneur is self-responsible.We believe in, and do everything we can to support, that self-responsibility.

How do we do that? Coming now to the second point above, we accomplish that through our educational efforts, empowering salespeople to adapt to the buyer-driven world. This happens through our Knowledge Factory and through Pipeliner.

Because of today’s digital world, a whole new approach sales is needed—and we come to our third point. That new approach is what we call Network Selling—and through its widespread application comes collective economic freedom, increased wealth and peace through trade. If you look around, everyone in the world today desperately craves such freedom.

Networked Selling

Finally, we have as one of our goals the creation of 1 million jobs. We don’t mean the creation of 1 million Pipeliner employees—we mean the creation of 1 million highly valuable and motivated salespreneurs, that companies throughout the world will be lining up to employ. We are providing both the tool (Pipeliner CRM) and the knowledge to bring this about.

As you can see, there is much more to Pipeliner than simply a CRM solution.

I invite you to find out more--because in the end, you're part of it all, too!


Nikolaus Kimla
CEO, Pipeliner Sales, Inc.