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People joining the Pipeliner CRM team make a great discovery. We're not just dropping someone into a job—we’re providing a great training lineup and giving them the tools to manage their positions.

In many companies you will hear emotional motivational speeches aimed at inspiring people to manage better. At Pipeliner, however, we believe in teaching employees critical thinking and management skills. Management is a profession like any other—it can and must be learned.

The Pipeliner CRM School of Management was created with this ethic in mind, along with the fact that we need our employees to be thinking and acting as a unit -- in full understanding of how to take business actions that move the business forwar.

The program is centered around the management principles of world-renowned economist, management authority, and author Fredmund Malik.

It is my deepest belief that the Malik Management Approach creates a system that can in fact help everyone within it to become an entrepreneur or manager, and transform their own individual strengths into a seamless team performance. The only thing you need to bring to the table is a willingness to learn, and be self-disciplined, hard-working and focused on results.

Nikolaus Kimla
CEO, Pipeliner Sales

The Program

The Pipeliner School of Management is a 7-month part-time course of study that includes:

  • Individual personality assessment and senior executive review
  • Malik Management self-study and assessment
  • Work with a group of cohorts in working out real-life examples and solutions
  • 2-day in-person workshop
  • And more

What Employees are Saying

So far, the principles have helped me to understand organizational decisions better, and have even been useful for some private projects. – M.N.

This course is giving me a clear picture of what management strengths I have, how to use them, and how to work with remote teams (which is currently a really hot topic). – R.C.

Management Must Be Learned

We know that no one, including any of us, was born knowing how to lead and manage.

“Management must be learned just like any other profession, a foreign language, or a type of sport. Management is not simpler or easier than these and it must therefore be practiced. However, neither is it more difficult, and anyone can achieve a certain degree of competence, higher than that of an amateur, and many can become highly professional. The fact that there are people who have more of a talent for management than others does not alter the possibility or the necessity of learning management. Related to this is the need of criteria and standards, such as have been developed by every profession. However, in management these are practically non-existent to date.” - Fredmund Malik

If you’re seeking a career with a goal-oriented, focused company, Pipeliner CRM is for you—and you’ll have the assistance of our Pipeliner CRM School of Management!