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Pipeliner CRM Inside Track Newsletter from December 18th, 2020
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Feature Spotlight
Import Templates!
Sales Management Essentials
Learn about Sales Management, build your team, get in the right mindset...
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Track Your Email Conversations.
Key Sales
Management KPIs
KPIs are essential to effective sales management but too often these KPIs are lagging indicators – the magic formula is a combination of lagging plus leading indicators...
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Importing Product Line Items
Sales Management Through Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner CRM, empowers precision sales management. Learn about Lead, Account, & Opportunity Management, and the War Room...
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Importing Multiple Fields
The Automatizer
can create more time!
They say time is the one thing you cannot create more of. Well, now with the Automatizer you can eliminate routine, repetitive tasks and create more time to sell!
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Pipeliner CRM
Special Offer
We are here to help you through these tough times and support you in moving forward with your CRM initiatives - talk to us about how you can pay only a small nominal monthly fee for the first 3 months of a new contract.
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CEO Spotlight
Sales Enablement › Pipeliner is both a CRM and a Sales Enablement Platform
Happy Holidays From Pipeliner CRM!

„On behalf of Pipeliner CRM I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. We are grateful to have such a loyal and growing group of customers and partners. This year has been a successful one for us despite the broader global challenges and that is thanks to all of you.

Our thoughts are with those families directly affected by the virus and those businesses that have been negatively impacted - may 2021 be a better year for everyone.

Stay safe & enjoy time with family,“
Nikolaus Kimla
Sales Enablement › Pipeliner is both a CRM and a Sales Enablement Platform
our knowledge digital platform
Sales POP! Highlights
REPLAY YouTube Live Event: The Rise of the Virtual Age – in Education & Work
REPLAY YouTube Live Event:
The Human Gene & AI in Sales
Global YouTube Live Event • REPLAY

We gathered six top experts in their fields to discuss the evolution of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to sales and how the human element needs to adapt and change to leverage the power of AI by combining it with advanced selling skills.
Nikolaus Kimla
Nikolaus Kimla
CEO Pipelinersales Inc.
A serial entrepreneur, Nikolaus is the driving force behind Pipeliner with a singular vision to deliver the most effective CRM solution possible. He is dedicated to helping salespeople and sales leaders to be more efficient, productive and ultimately, more successful.
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