Matej Pavlik

Role at Pipeliner

I am a part of Graphics Team and my job here is to help to my colleagues with the UI designs for Pipeliner application.

About Matej

I was born in Bratislava with the given name of Matej, but close friends call me Shuro. I have been interested in graphic design since I was a teenager, and was first introduced to Photoshop when I discovered the Virtual Tuning of Cars. During Primary School I also became interested in web design. After I was admitted to Polygraphy High School as a digital graphic design major, I continued working on my web design skills and carried on to the University, from which I successfully graduated in 2015, majoring in graphic media.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

– Andy Warhol

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

– Pablo Picasso

Matej Pavlik
Junior UI Designer

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