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Pipeliner CRM Mobile App—Automatic Sync

Continue working on the Pipeliner mobile app while it automatically syncs with the cloud

Pipeliner CRM already has the unique functionality of being able to work online or offline. The same holds true for the Pipeliner Mobile App--now any changes you make will sync back up with the cloud when internet connectivity is available.

But Pipeliner doesn’t make you wait while synchronization occurs--it happens automatically, in the background. You just continue working on your Pipeliner Mobile App for iOS or Android Smartphone.

You’re making changes to CRM through your Mobile App at a customer site which, for security reasons, doesn’t have WiFi and is outside your cell coverage. Just make those changes--and when you once again have internet connectivity available, Pipeliner will synchronize in the background.

You’re having a meeting or a lunch at a place which doesn’t have WiFi. The prospect wants to make a change to the potential contract. You make the change, right on Pipeliner CRM Mobile App. When you’re back in range, synchronization will occur in the background so the rest of your company will be able to access the data.

You have just had a meeting with a prospect, and are now headed back on the train. You can enter data about the meeting you just had and its effects on the opportunity and account--and when you’re once again in range of an internet connection, your data will be synchronized with the cloud.

Automatic CRM Sync on Mobile CRM
Pipeliner CRM Mobile

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