Pipeliner CRM Mobile App—Full Customization

Anything you customize on your Pipeliner CRM desktop version will automatically show up in your Pipeliner CRM Mobile App

One of the main features that Pipeliner customers rave about is its customization. From the fully customizable Pipeliner View, to the user-designed templates, to user defined fields and much more, Pipeliner prides itself on being customizable to any company’s operation.

Now, any customization you make with your Pipeliner CRM desktop version, will automatically be part of your Pipeliner CRM Mobile App for iOS or Android Smartphone.

You’re sitting in the parking lot outside a prospect’s company. You know that there are several opportunities pending—but you don’t know where all of them stand. You access your Pipeliner CRM Mobile App, look into that particular account, and see exactly where each opportunity stands in your company’s specific sales process.

You’re at a trade show, and a customer comes up to you. He says that he has a new deal working, and wants to know how much a certain quantity of one of your products would cost. Within your Pipeliner CRM Mobile App, you access that account and the user-defined pricing field for that company and that product. You’re able to give an answer right there on the spot.

At the same trade show, you happen to spot someone with whom you know you have an opportunity working. You don’t recall when needs to be done next with that opportunity, though, and the work remaining to bring it to a close. You access your Pipeliner CRM Mobile App Activities, which of course has been customized for selling your particular product or service line, and see exactly what activities have yet to occur with this opportunity.

Pipeliner CRM Mobile Opportunity Management
Full Customizable CRM Mobile App

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