Sales Activities: Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows!

Successful salespeople know where to focus and what to do at all times.

Selling system

What difference would it make to your business if your salespeople were focused on the right opportunities, engaging in the right activities and communicating in the right way at every stage of a sales cycle?

That’s a key question Pipeliner CRM answers within the application.

For Sales Reps, A Daily Routine

Starting with Leads as they enter the system, Pipeliner provides for effective, efficient focus for your sales team - including how ownership of that Lead is taken, shared, granted or changed.

As soon as an Opportunity is qualified, Pipeliner guides your sales process, with customizable Sales Checklists (Steps) that set crucial Activities for every Sales Stage. What this means for you is a consistent, repeatable approach for every Opportunity in your pipeline.

When each Opportunity follows the same steps, nothing is missed and you get a huge benefit that you may have missed previously— Predictability in your sales forecasts and lower risk!

Sales Activities - Lead Qualification
Sales Activities - Selling System

Pipeliner further guides each member of the sales team with routines like:

  • Alerts - Notify when Opportunities have lingered too long in a Stage.
  • Reminders - Direct actions so you never miss a follow-up.
  • Notifications - Trigger emails upon status changes that you customize.
  • Checklists - What’s expected of each rep at this part of the Sales Stage.
  • Filters - Set & save filters to drill into your pipeline - Find focus immediately.

Pipeliner represents an easier, more visual, more focused way of working. 

Optimizing Sales with Teamwork

Pipeliner sees Activities as relevant not just to individual actions, but also as part of a bigger whole - meaning that collaboration, forecasting and communication are part of any well-oiled sales process.

Sales Task board, drag and drop activities


Visually oriented, drag-and-drop. Everyone sees Task status.

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Account planning with features like Pipeline view, task and activities to assist you

Account Planning

Unique visual Buying Center and Org Chart to understand the people and organizations you sell into.

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team messaging center, always stay up to date on never miss a feed

Team Messaging Center

So everybody knows what’s going on; no duplicates.

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CRM Reports, no admins, no coding skills or support needed. 1 click reports are available.


1-Click from any screen; plus powerful Pivots (multiple data sets).

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Most CRM reporting is painfully complicated to set up and use — and ironically doesn’t prompt useful actions. Not so with Pipeliner. In the main pipeline view, the Target (quota, goal) is always visible and a reminder of the prize. In Dashboards, you have your KPI’s in rich color. On every screen—including Activities— you can run a 1-click report of just that view

What’s In It for Me?

These are the kinds of checks and balances that make a sales organization truly accountable and professional. And guess what? Research has proven those types of organizations dramatically outsell and outperform all others.

Sales Activities - Checks and Balances

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