All the World’s a (Sales) Stage!

The biggest wins come from the smallest details.

Inside Pipeliner is an Intriguing, Powerful Concept

Inside Pipeliner is an intriguing, powerful concept-- each part of your sales pipeline contains a discrete Sales Stage -- each of which are intimately tied to the Buyer’s Journey to purchase your company’s product or service.

Whether 3 Stages or a dozen, the mighty Sales Stage is like a container with valuable cargo for each member of the sales team. When you master this concept, you’ll have a powerful cross-functional tool for keeping everyone in your sales organization on the same page.

Statistics show that human beings can quickly reach a limit to the amount of information they can manage efficiently. Today’s Sales environment is proof of that, as data overload reigns supreme.

Pipeliner CRM - Sales Stages

Here's How We Help You to keep it All Straight, Confidently Moving Forward from Lead to Close:

Sales Steps and Activities at each Sales Stage

Associate your Sales Steps and Activities at each Sales Stage. Make them required for consistent sales team performance.

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Motivate Sales Reps with Gamified Actions

Motivate sales reps through helpful “gamified” actions!

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Alerts for Aging Opportunities

Alerts notify you of aging Opportunities and prompt you to take action.

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Document Management for each Sales Stage

Collateral materials are ready at each Stage with Pipeliner’s document management feature.

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Sales Stage percentage

Percentage weighting at each Stage sets expectations for forecasting.

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Sales Velocity

Configurable time periods display stage length.

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Sales Archive tool

Concentrate on where deals are lost – The Pipeliner Archive enables you to take corrective action on a Stage-by-Stage basis.

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Sales Manage Account Planning

Manage Account Planning with unique visual tools. We make it easy to do your homework on the people you sell to.

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CRM Reports

1-Click Reports are available for any Stage -- powerful features for decision-making-- and a huge time saver!

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