Reports Everywhere

Pipeliner CRM reporting features have been designed like the rest of Pipeliner's features—visual, fast, intuitive and empowering.

In any view within Pipeliner, you can simply click on “New Report” and generate an on-demand report. It can be saved and shared, and its parameters can be utilized to create a new report of that type at any time.

Anyone Can Do It

With some applications—including traditional, legacy CRM solutions—reporting can be complex and require special skills. But with Pipeliner's reports anyone can do it, from sales assistant clear on up to senior executive.

Sales Reports

 Sales Management Reports

Create, customize and share Sales Manegement Reports in PIpeliner with a few clicks. No admins needed.

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Powerful Features

While these reports are simple to create, they yet provide the functionality needed for accurate and meaningful decision-making. Features include:

  • Standard or Pivot Tables
  • 24 Popular Preformatted Sales Reports
  • Personalization features--look and feel, customize tabs