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Configure time frame for each Sales Stage

Configurable time periods display stage length.

Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity

Instantly and visually see how many sales in each Stage are overdue—giving you a clear snapshot of your overall Pipeline Velocity.

Set Time Periods for each Stage

Research and statistics will show you the average length of time an opportunity should take in each Sales Stage. You can then easily set these time periods for each stage, through Pipeliner's Administration function.

If experience then shows these time periods to be too short or too long, they can easily be changed by an Administrator.

Any opportunity that lingers within a sales stage past the average time will automatically be marked as overdue. The total number of overdue opportunities will also show up at the top of each stage, so that any needed action can be taken.

Additionally, you can utilize “Velocity” in Pipeliner's View feature to view all opportunities in the current pipeline by their percentage of time in each Sales Stage.

Average time in Sales Stage is yet another function that fully empowers sales forces to get the job done!