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Manage Account Planning with Unique Visual Tools

We make it easy to do your homework on the people you sell to.

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Key Factors in Account Planning

If you’ve been in the selling game for very long, then you definitely have account planning in place. Its key factors are:

  • Doing the research necessary to find out all about a new account—their pain points, their buying patterns, their intentions for a product like yours, and the “who’s who” of influencers and decision makers.
  • Mapping out the precise steps necessary for the seller, in order to move a sale through each sales stage
  • Mapping out the precise steps the buyer will need to take, in order for that opportunity to be moved through each sales stage.

The more exactly you have each of these steps laid out, the more confidently your sales reps will be able to move forward.

CRM Empowerment

The best possible way to have these steps set forth for salespeople is right within CRM.

First of all, your exact sales process is customized right into Pipeliner’s Sales Stages. The Sales Stages, mirroring your sales process, take all sales from lead to close.

But secondly, all needed actions—on both the seller’s and the buyer’s partcan be put into each sales stage for salespeople to follow. These consist of precise activities, and specific tasks within those activities, designed to move the opportunity through that stage as rapidly as possible.

You can even make steps mandatory, so that sales reps must complete certain tasks before an opportunity is moved.

It's All Visual

Pipeliner’s Pipeline View—your sales map for your entire pipeline—is visually laid out so that you can see where all opportunities lie, at any time.

The same is done with activities and tasks within each of the sales stages. They are visually and intuitively displayed, so that progress can be instantly grasped and acted upon.

Pipeliner CRM is the first tool to bring account planning into firm, executable reality—every time!

Learn more about Pipeliner’s Tasks and Activities functions.