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Opportunity Alert

Alerts notify you of aging Opportunities and prompt you to take action.

Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity

Instantly and visually see how many sales in each Stage are overdue—giving you a clear snapshot of your overall Pipeline Velocity.

Never Lost a Track

We know that opportunities can contain a great deal of detail. With Pipeliner CRM, we've gone well out of our way to make sure that such detail is visually, intuitively organized so that nothing is ever lost track of.

Even so, no organization nor individual is perfect, and things do get left behind. When this happens, Pipeliner's Alerts let you know right away so that you can take action to get the opportunity moving again.

Overdue Opportunities

In Sales Stages, alerts show up right at the top of every sales stage, showing the number of opportunities in that stage that are overdue.

Then, any opportunity in the pipeline that is overdue will show up as such. Simply mouse over the opportunity to see how far it is overdue. You can also open the opportunity for further detail. In the Detail section of the opportunity, you will see any alerts in the upper right of the screen.

Overdue Activities and Tasks

When you open an opportunity, then look into Activities for that opportunity, alerts will show you which activities are overdue for that opportunity. In that way you will know what specific actions need to be taken to bring that opportunity back on track.

Overdue opportunities in the pipeline can make for inaccurate forecasts and a false picture of the state of sales. Pipeliner Alerts means that such opportunities can be dealt with fast—moved up to the next stage, or moved out of the pipeline altogether.