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Sales Steps and Activities

Associate your Sales Steps and Activities at each Sales Stage. Make them required for consistent sales team performance.

Pipeline View

Pipeline View

The Pipeline View can give you an instant insight into your deals and deals of your sales team. You can even access important documents and opportunity details right from this screen.

Sales Activities

Pipeliner’s Sales Activities feature gives you the option to define what should be done in each step of your Sales Process.

Sales Stages

The most important feature of any CRM is its interface. When an interface is non-intuitive, showing rows and columns of numbers like a spreadsheet, it is then left to the user to visualize the actual pipeline, and opportunity progress within it.

Pipeliner’s mission is to take this visualization out of the imagination and into the real world—and it all begins with Pipeliner’s primary interface, the Pipeline View. It is a totally visual view of an entire pipeline, replacing the need for toggling between different screens, as found in many other CRM applications.

The major features of Pipeline’s Pipeline View include:

  • See exactly where each opportunity lies in the sales stages. You can readily see how long it’s been there, if it’s overdue, its chances of coming in, and numerous other factors.
  • Mouse over any opportunity for a quick view, showing value, ranking, close date, recent and upcoming activity, and more
  • Mouse over any stage for a summary of that stage, including total value, number of opportunities, average time in step, and more
  • Leads and opportunities can be instantly dragged-and-dropped from one sales stage to the next.

Learn more about Pipeliner CRM’s Pipeline View.

Sales Tasks

Within those stages, sequences of actions need to occur in order for an opportunity to be moved to the next stage. These actions are comprised of tasks and activities—and just as Pipeliner displays the sales stages visually, the same is done with tasks and activities. And…they are just as easy to view and control.

The Pipeliner drag-and-drop task board organizes tasks associated with a specific activity within an opportunity, in neat, visual columns.

Tasks can be any number of actions. Some are direct interactions with the buyer, such as calls, meetings, and product demos. Others are internal such as company and prospect research, proposal writing, and internal communications of status.

Every Task can have a priority, a status, a due date, an owner, and include “watchers” who need to be aware of the progress of that task.

Sales Activities

Within Pipeliner, Activities contain Tasks (appointments, calls, meetings, etc.). Activities are created and viewed within each opportunity, but can also be viewed and tracked through calendar and grid views.

Just as you can view the progress of a sale through the Sales Stages, so too you can view the progress of an activity. For each, the percentage complete is always shown.

Certainty of Motion

It is the specific Activities, and Tasks within them, completed that move a sale through a Stage, and onto the next one. They provides confidence and certainty to both sales reps and managers that the right actions are being taken at the right time.

With Pipeliner’s Required Fields feature, various tasks can be made mandatory, and an opportunity cannot be moved unless all of them have been completed. This means that sales team performance becomes more consistent, and little to nothing is ever left to chance.

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