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Next, Let’s Get Busy With Leads & Opportunities

Creating a lead in Pipeliner CRM is a simple one­-click process--­­and turning it into an opportunity is a simple matter of drag and drop! You’ll also learn here how your target changes as the opportunity progresses through the pipeline or our unique Bubble Chart view.

The Bubble Chart view gives you a different perspective on your leads and opportunities, showing their size and how they relate to your time targets. This allows you to get an instant visual on the deals that should be taken up as priorities.

If you have leads and opportunities in an existing spreadsheet or perhaps in another system, you’ll want to get them into Pipeliner so that they’ll be centrally located. In this case you can import them using a .CSV file­--­and we’ll show you how simple that is also.

Additional Resources

Pipeliner CRM - Lead Management

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Pipeliner CRM - Opportunity Management

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Download a full pdf version of the Opportunity Management User Guide for Pipeliner CRM.

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