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Now Let’s Get Some Access Business Intelligence and Generate Some Reports

Whether you want to generate a report quickly when you are in one of the main Pipeliner Views, or want to dive deeper into Key Performance Indicators and understand how regions, teams or individual salespeople are performing, Pipeliner’s unique visual interface and rapid 1 or 2 click access delivers instant intelligence like no other system.

From many of the different views in Pipeliner, you’ll see “create a report”­­click on it and instantly create a report from the data in that view. This video will show you that-­­and also how to format the report. Reports can be saved in folders and printed.

For team intelligence, our Performance Insights feature brings powerful insight into performance of single reps or sales units, allowing you to compare performance using selected KPIs.

In Pipeliner when an Opportunity is lost, it doesn’t get deleted--­­rather it goes into the Archive complete with all information, and in the stage at which it was lost. If the Opportunity comes alive again it can be reactivated with one click. There is also much to learn from lost opportunities, such as why you lose, in which stage or stages most opportunities are lost, and how well your sales process is actually working. The Archive is a Pipeliner-­only feature which you will find invaluable for analysis, coaching and mentoring and even forecasting.

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Leading and Lagging Indicators

Leading and Lagging Indicators

This white paper explains how sales management must be conducted through the right combination of leading and lagging indicators, so that management is precise, and catches errors or issues well before they affect your final results.

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