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Add-In for MS Outlook

Learn how to enable Pipeliner Add-In for MS Outlook.

Set-Up a synchronization between Pipeliner CRM and Outlook

See how easy it is to use Pipeliner Add-In for MS Outlook to fully synchronize your contacts, meetings and tasks between Outlook and Pipeliner CRM.

The Outlook Add-In integrates your contacts, calendars and tasks with Pipeliner CRM. Once installed, everything you do in Outlook is captured and synchronized with Pipeliner CRM and vice versa.

Create new leads from your emails, organize emails and attachments and transfer them into Pipeliner and synchronize your calendar and contacts.

In the Add-In for MS Outlook User Guide you will learn:

  • How to install Pipeliner Office Add-In
  • How to enable the Add-In and set-up the synchronization
  • How to create Lead from Outlook into Pipeliner
  • How to synchronize your Contacts
Add-In for MS Outlook

Download Add-In for MS Outlook User Guide

Download the full pdf version of the Add-In for MS Outlook User Guide for Pipeliner CRM.

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