Konnection Delivers Fast & Easy E-Signature Solutions at Your Convenience

A smooth integration between your Pipeliner CRM and DocuSign accounts are succeeded through Konnection.io. Once your accounts are connected, you can send documents for electronic signatures. Sounds too good to be true, right? Try it for free and you’ll see why it’s fast, easy and convenient.

Konnection’s Key Features

  • Free Registration - Sign up is easy! All you need to start is to provide your first and last name, company name, email/username and password.
  • Smooth Connection - The Pipeliner CRM and DocuSign accounts are connected immediately after authorization information is implemented.
  • 5 Free Documents Sent - With your new account, you automatically receive 5 free documents to send. After the 5th document, additional documents can be sent for ONLY 10 cents!
  • Complete Management - All document details are in one central location. Organize accounts and documents accordingly, indicate where you’d need a signature and keep track on its status. You are notified via email when users have signed and completed the document(s). Furthermore, you can maintain payment and transaction details.
  • Simple Payment Process - It’s just a click away to add money to your account “Wallet”. Add your credit card and reload your account to send more documents.
Konnection Lead or Opportunity
Konnection io Connector

How It Works

  1. Connect - Register for an account and connect your Pipeliner & document systems.
  2. Send - Automatically send documents for an e-signature to your leads, accounts and opportunities in just a few clicks. Specify single or multiple signature points in the documents prior to sending them.
  3. Sign - Once sent, you will receive automatic notifications via email when your users have signed and completed the documents.
  4. Manage - View reports and real-time status on all documents sent. Resend documents and manage all activity in a single dashboard.