Yesware + Pipeliner CRM to Track Your Email Results

You can sell more efficiently when you understand how and when your messages are being seen.


Yesware is a free Gmail add-on that helps you sell more effectively, right from your inbox. It enables you to track each of your email sends, helping you understand when recipients are reading your messages.

Combined with Pipeliner CRM (which also syncs with Gmail), your prospecting and sales management just got a whole lot smarter. Why send a second approach email when the first was never read? Focusing your time and energy with the signals that matter is as easy as combining Yesware with Pipeliner CRM.

Key Features

Yesware for Pipeliner
Yesware for Pipeliner
Yesware for Pipeliner
Yesware for Pipeliner

Together, Yesware and Pipeliner CRM expand your workflow, effortlessly:

  • Automatic Yesware-Pipeliner CRM-Gmail integration means all emails will appear in Pipeliner CRM records, while you work in Gmail.
  • Comprehensive individual email scheduling, tracking and management.
  • Yesware keeps track of messages you send your prospects and their opens.

    • Sync your outbound messages to Pipeliner CRM by dropping the unique Pipeliner address into Yesware’s preferences
  • Define BCC emails from your Gmail account to Pipeliner CRM