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Conduct Your Own CRM Cost Comparison

Use our CRM Calculator to discover (using real-world numbers!) how Pipeliner CRM stacks up against other major CRM providers.

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An investment in a CRM solution is not made lightly. Once your company is committed, there are substantial costs: onboarding, user training, administrator training, and administration. By the time a company realizes that a CRM application may not be what they need or what they'd hoped for, it often becomes a case of, “We've got to make the best with what we've got.”

But, since CRM is the very backbone of your sales, continuing to invest in an unsatisfactory solution just doesn't make sense. And if you've found yourself here, you owe it to yourself to investigate better options.

We've researched the real-world costs associated with 3 CRM solutions—, Sugar CRM and Microsoft Dynamics—as compared with Pipeliner CRM.


You need a CRM built for the way sales happen today. An app for salespeople should be an app they enjoy using — is Pipeliner CRM a good choice? Find out for yourself.

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The last thing businesses need is a bloated, unintuitive, hard-to-administer program — one that is expensive to run, needs additional personnel, and doesn’t keep up with web standards. Pipeliner CRM offers easily customizable pipeliner management, doesn´t need external hiring or custom coding.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Every company tries to keep their costs as low as possible. You can use our calculator tool and find out, how much you can save with Pipeliner CRM.

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Our calculator tool adjusts instantly and calculates your savings! By the numbers, you’ll see that switching to Pipeliner CRM could be the cost-effective move for your sales force!