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Pipeliner CRM v9.0.0 Admin (Major Release)

17 March 2016
We are happy to announce the release of Pipeliner CRM 9.0.0 Admin as part of the new Pipeliner CRM 9.0.0 version called Automata. This release consists of many great new features, small enhancements and bug fixes.

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New Features

  • Ability to better manage user data access level rights and features access. We have implemented an advanced user rights management function into the Pipeliner Admin module enabling you to better manage your users and their access to both data and feature sets in Pipeliner CRM.

    • Ability to create a super-user, that has all the rights to edit all data in Pipeliner.
    • Ability to create a manager role with the right to edit records without having be part of the sales team as an editor.
    • Ability to turn on/off all main features within the Pipeliner to the dedicated users and hide them from their view.
    • And many more improvements.

    Ability to assign pipelines to the user role. The pipeline is now NOT related to the dedicated sales unit but to a user role. Once you assign multiple pipelines to a one role, the user with that role will be able to access them via Pipeliner.

  • Ability to create a dynamic dropdowns. New functionality allows user-defined dropdown menus to dynamically relate to one another. For example, if a particular sales territory is selected, then another dropdown menu of “sales reps” would only be those reps for that territory.
  • Other small bug fixes and speed improvements.
Pipeliner CRM Admin Units Structure
Pipeliner CRM Admin Users Management
Pipeliner CRM Admin Dynamic Dropdown
Pipeliner CRM Admin Access Rights
Pipeliner CRM Admin Feature Rights