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Pipeliner CRM v10.0.0 Desktop (Major Release)

7 July 2016
We are happy to announce the release of Pipeliner CRM 10.0.0 called Collection. This release consists of many great new features, small enhancements and bug fixes.

Upgrade to the latest version

Accounts Hierarchy

Today it can happen that several accounts are related to each other. As an example, XYZ Company might own ABC Company, and it might even be that XYZ company must ultimately approve any purchases being made by ABC company. But in Pipeliner these 2 companies are entered separately because they’re actually different entities. 

A sales rep on ABC’s account, though, might want to associate the 2 companies because they are, in fact, related. With our new Parent Account feature, this can now be done: you can assign a parent account to an existing account—in our example, XYZ Company could be assigned as a parent account to ABC Company. This new feature also allows the assignment of multiple accounts under one account.

Learn more about this feature:

  • We add new Accounts list under the account detail.
  • We updated Org Chart with the Accounts Hierarchy. You can now create accounts hierarchy of the accounts related to the one account and drill-down to the contacts of an account.
  • Create custom accounts relations types to define the relations between two accounts.
  • Updated "Power Panel" filter to support parent accounts and filtering the data according to the child accounts.
  • And many more.
Pipeliner CRM Account Accounts
Pipeliner CRM Accounts Hierarchy
Pipeliner CRM Parent Account

Merge Accounts/ Contacts

It can often be discovered that 2 Pipeliner accounts or contacts, while they contain different data, actually belong in 1.

This new feature allows you to merge 2 contacts or accounts into a single contact or account.

Here are the main benefits of this feature:

  • Use look-up to find a duplicate contact or account.
  • Select the "Master" record.
  • Merge 2 accounts and contacts without reviewing the fields i.e. Smart Merge. Pipeliner analyses the information within the fields in both records and merge them into the single record. If one field stores the information in both records, Pipeliner uses the "Master" record field information.
  • Use advanced merging possibilities to pick up the field information according to your preferences.
  • Merge is validating the data i.e. in a case a validation error pop-ups you can review it for the new record.
  • Merge is merging all fields available within the account and contact form! (Also the custom)
Pipeliner CRM Merge Accounts
Pipeliner CRM Merge Contacts

Calling over Desktop App on Mobile Devices

With this new feature you can now experience a power of using Pipeliner desktop app and Pipeliner mobile app at once.

You can now initiate the call from within the desktop app on your mobile device. Just click on the phone number within the desktop application, and you will be ask to call from the mobile device. This feature works with latest Collection release of Pipeliner CRM and native mobile app for:

Pipeliner CRM Calling over App

Small Enhancements

  • Maps Integration

    • We are enlarging the geolocation feature with the possibility to show multiple accounts and contacts on the map.
    • Use the "Power Panel" to narrow down the selection of your accounts or contacts and show them on the Map according to the "Street Address", "City", "State" and "Country" information.
    • Note: This feature is currently available by invitation. Please sign up here to take advantage of Pipeliner’s new Geolocation feature.

  • New Compact Views

    • With this feature you can, at a glance, view the last time a prospect was touched, the sales opportunities that involve them, and activity from their running feed (latest internal messages, social CRM updates or emails):
    • The Compact View has now been expanded to be applied to

      • leads,
      • opportunities,
      • and opportunities within the Archive.

  • Introducing Long Description Field for Activities

    • We knew that sometimes you need to write more information to the task or appointment. You can now use new field "Description" within the activity for doing so.

  • Filter Enhancements

    • Basic filter was renamed to Preset as you cannot add more filter conditions to this filter and is preset by Pipeliner.
    • Advanced filter was renamed to Custom as you can easily add any field to the filter and customize it according to your needs.
    • We updated the ordering of the task statuses within the "Power Panel".

      • The default filter is now set to OFF.
      • Ability to turn off filter also for a filter without "Custom" Filter.

    • Lost Leads moved to the Archive

      • We have removed the "Lost Leads" tab within the "Leads" section. You can now find lost leads in the archive.

    • Sync Improvements

      • During June 2016 we have implemented a massive update of the sync logic on the secured servers. Synchronization of your data is now 10x times faster then before. Experience the speed of the sync by yourself now.

    • Duplicate Checker Update

      • We have updated the duplicate checker for contacts with the following changes:

        • Duplicate checker now checks for duplicate by checking firstname, lastname and middle name separately.
        • Duplicate checker now checks for duplicate also according to the email address.

    • Email Notifications Update

      • You can activate the email notifications on the comments. Example: You start a discussion over the Feed Message with your team. With the this feature you can get the comments into your inbox.
      • We enrich the email notification template of activities with the information about linked record.

    • Dashboard Reports Updates

      • You can now use drag-and-drop feature to build dashboard with charts according to your preferences.
      • We updated the Pipeline drop-off rates chart with the information about conversion rates › this chart was renamed to Pipeline conversion and drop-off rates.

    • Management Reports Updates

      • Ability to see "Emails" within the "Last Message" field.
      • Ability to use new fields in the report:

        • Qualified by (Opportunity, Lead report)

          • Created by (Opportunity, Lead, Account, Contact, Activity report)
          • Lost / Won by (Opportunity report)
          • Qualified at (Opportunity, Lead report)

        • Ability to add "Reminder" field into the report to review activities with set reminders.
        • Ability to use "Simple" export option that creates very simple file with only columns names and their related data.
        • Ability to export contact name in a separate three columns as firstname, lastname and middle name. You will not need to separate it the excel anymore.
        • Ability to export Forecast Reports.

      • General Improvements

        • Updated the marketing notifications within the application to get the latest Pipeliner updates notifications according to the subscription type.
        • Renamed the Options Panel to "Power Panel" as it gives you the power to set the data selection according to your needs and share it with your team.

      MS Office Enhancements and Fixes

      • Introducing Field Formatting for Pipeliner MS Office Add-In. You can now define the field form in the MS Word and MS Excel template to much your corporate formatting preferences.
      • Enable MS Office Add-In for Starter Version.
      • Some various bug fixes.

      Bug Fixes

      • Fix the issue with the not disappearing "Follow-up" message after finishing the activity.
      • Fix the issue with the ability to delete the appointment you do not own.
      • Fix the issue with spinning wheel when working within the activities report.
      • Many various bug fixes.