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Pipeliner CRM v10.1.0 Desktop (Minor Release)

2 August 2016
We are happy to announce the Pipeliner CRM 10.1.0 release of Pipeliner CRM Collection. This release brings you the new visual capabilities to view your records in Pipeliner i.e. "List View" for sales opportunities, leads, accounts and contacts. Moreover, we added a "Custom" filter to the activities and optimize the code for your work with the data. Enjoy!

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Introducing "List Views"

With this release we focused on the usability i.e. easiness of working with the records in Pipeliner CRM. Therefore, we added the list view to all main record types in the application. And what are the main benefits of using list views:

  • Use the list view for all main records: leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts and activities.
  • Each list view has a default columns that are being displayed specific for each record type.
  • You can add/remove columns to be displayed on the list according to your preferences and the ability of fields on the record form. You can even add "custom" fields to the list view!
  • You can sort the records according to the column by clicking on the column header.
  • You can drag and drop the column to rearrange them.
  • You can use multi-select checkboxes on the left to multi-select records in order to use any of the bulk operations available in Pipeliner CRM.
  • You can use profiles to narrow down the screen results.
  • You can open any record by double-clicking on it.

As you can see from the capabilities the list view gives you it's truly powerful feature.

Changes related to the new "List Views"

As we are now optimizing the work with Pipeliner CRM, we are reevaluating some of the existing parts of the application. Out of the feedback from our customers and partners, and according to your statistics, we have changed the following:

  • Timeline View - The timeline has been retired. Timeline view usage was radically decreased after we introduced the new Bubble Chart View. Bubble chart view is fenomenal, you should definitely try it, if you did not yet. The bottom part of the timeline was consisting of the list view of opportunities. This has been moved to the new view "List View" under "Opportunities" feature.
  • Large/Middle/Small View in the "Accounts" and "Contacts" - As our statistics showed us only a limited portion of our users used "Middle" and "Small" view in the accounts and contacts. Thus, we decided to retire them and renamed "Large View" to "Card View.
  • Pipeline in the Menu - As you where used to in the past, the Pipeline was accessible via main menu. And it is still there. We just renamed "Pipeline" to "Opportunities". You can view opportunities using many different views and Pipeline is one of it. Pipeline is a default view on the opportunities.
Pipeliner CRM Leads List View
Pipeliner CRM Opportunities List View
Pipeliner CRM Accounts List View
Pipeliner CRM Contacts List View
Pipeliner CRM Activities List View

Introducing "Custom" Filter for Activities

Within Pipeliner CRM you can use two types of filter to narrow down your records on the screen: Preset and Custom.

These two filters have been available for filtering four main records in Pipeliner: Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts. But not for activities.

With this release of Pipeliner CRM you can now use "Custom" filter for Activities as well:

  • Use "Custom" filter for filtering activities in the "Activities" screen.
  • Use "Custom" filter for filtering activities in the "Reports".
  • Add any field available on the activity form to the custom filter condition.
  • Unique filter conditions:

    • Filter activities by "Reminder" e.g. you would like to see only activities with scheduled reminder.
    • Filter activities by "Linked Item Type" e.g. you would like to see only activities related to the opportunities.
    • Filter activities according to the "Created" or "Modified" date. This is very handy when you would like to see all activities done in a month regardless on the due dates.
    • Filter tasks that are overdue.
    • Filter appointments according to the attendees.
    • etc.

Pipeliner CRM Activities Custom Filter Reports
Pipeliner CRM Activities Custom Filter Reports

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Add the ability to define AM/PM time during creating reminder.
  • Fix an issue with Maps Geolocation when street was using specific characters.
  • Fix an issue with the missing information of "created/modified" date in the exported file.
  • Fix an issue with the wrong time and date of the task in the agenda.
  • Fix an issue file attachments on the emails where the file that was attached to the email older than 30 days was not able to open.
  • Other minor bug fixes.