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Pipeliner CRM v10.1.1 Desktop (Minor Release)

4 August 2016
We are happy to announce the Pipeliner CRM 10.1.1 release of Pipeliner CRM Collection. This release includes two main bug fixes.


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Multiple Pipeline Switch Issue

The issue is related to the users that are using Pipeliner CRM Multiple Pipelines feature.

In this case, you have been experiencing that even when switching between different pipelines the sales opportunities from the previous selected pipeline where displayed on the currently selected pipeline.

This issue has been fixed with this release and now the pipelines refreshes themselves to show you right pipeline stages and opportunities assigned to the right pipeline.

Pipeliner CRM Multiple Pipelines Issue

Pivot Table Report › Activities

With the latest release of Pipeliner CRM you can use Custom Filter for Activities!

You have been able to use for a longer time also the ability to create Pivot Table Reports. The issue that solves this fix is related to the activities pivot table report.

The issue was that when using "Activity Type" as a column or row in the Pivot table, Pipeliner was showing you the database number of the activity type and not the activity type name.

This release fixes this issue.

Pipeliner CRM Activity Type in Pivot Reports