Pipeliner CRM v10.1.2 Desktop (Minor Release)

6 October 2016
We are happy to announce the Pipeliner CRM 10.1.2 release of Pipeliner CRM Collection. This release includes several bug fixes.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fix the dates calculation that created the viewing and reporting discrepancies when reviewing records between different timezones e.g. manager in Europe saw different number of finished tasks of a user in US than manager in US.
  • Fix the issue with Authentication for Box integration that has stopped working due to the Box API changes.
  • Fix the issue with the sorting of the dynamic dropdowns options.
  • Fix the issue with MS Outlook Add-In when Pipeliner CRM Add-In removes the Appointment ribbon within the Outlook itself.
  • Fix the issue of missing Opportunity ID inthe MS Word and MS Excel Template.