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Pipeliner CRM v7.1.0 Desktop (Major Release)

4 December 2014
We are happy to announce the release of Pipeliner CRM 7.1.0 called Elements. This release consists of many great new features, small enhancements and bug fixes.

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New Features

Pipeliner CRM New Design

  • Bright, fresh, flat, clean design, more ergonomic.
  • Focus on less scrolling, fewer clicks.
  • More usable and “readable” Buying Center.
  • Every part of the product is visually improved.

Pipeliner CRM New Logo

  • New logo and logotype, a better representation of our brand.

New Buying Center

  • Automatically include a true “relationship graph” of all the ways multiple Contacts and Accounts are interconnected.
  • Allow you to designate multiple Influencers and Decision Makers associated with any Opportunity; and can be included in the Buying Center.
  • Add valuable context to your Contacts (e.g. you will see Contacts’ roles with custom color coding to identify how they fit into the buying hierarchy).
  • Allow you to add Notes for any Contact. Automatically adds existing Opportunities to a Contact’s profile, and shows a descriptive label.

Shared Notes

  • All Notes within the entity detail are now shared based on the user role and entity sharing settings.

Small Enhancements

    • We have improved the IMAP e-mail integration security.
    • Ability to show related activities on the sales opportunity level.
    • Activities overview now remembers your last activities view.
    • Ability to hide unconfirmed contacts from the contacts list within the account detail.
    • Ability to contact Pipeliner CRM Support directly within the Pipeliner CRM Software.
    • Ability to see the lost reason within the archived opportunity.
    • Ability to use different contacts visualisation within the account tab.
    • Ability to see XXX currency on the Pipeliner CRM Mobile app.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue that Dropbox cannot be activated.
  • Other small bug fixes.