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Pipeliner CRM v7.5.0 Desktop (Major Release)

26 March 2015
We are happy to announce the release of Pipeliner CRM 7.5.0 called Pheanomena. This release consists of many great new features, small enhancements and bug fixes.

Upgrade to the latest version

New Features

Multiple Pipelines

You can now create multiple pipeline processes within one joint database within ONE space!

  • Accounts – Accounts are accessible to users based on the sales unit assignments and available within whole space to work with for each sales pipeline.
  • Contacts – Contacts are accessible to users based on the sales unit assignments and available within whole space to work with for each sales pipeline.
  • Leads – Leads are are accessible to users based on the sales unit assignments and available within whole space to work with for each sales pipeline.
  • Opportunities – Opportunities are accessible to users based on the sales pipeline assignments and available according to the sales units assignments.
  • Private opportunities feature has been removed – All private opportunities will not be able to update. Users will need to change its sales unit first.
  • Activities – Activities are accessible to users based on the accounts, contacts, leads or opportunities assignments and available within whole space to work with for each sales pipeline.
  • Reporting – You can run accumulated reports on the sales pipelines data.
  • Customization – All customization such as common lists or custom fields are available within whole space to work with for each sales pipeline. At this stage, you are not able to customize fields per pipeline or per account.
  • Ability to move the opportunity to a different pipeline.
  • All to setup the velocity notification per pipeline.
  • Pipeliner CRM Mobile solution supports multiple pipelines.
  • Pipeliner CRM MS Office solution supports multiple pipelines.

Smart Organizational Chart (Account Management)

  • You can now build the company org chart under account.
  • Ability to assign a position to each contact within the org chart.
  • Ability to assign up to two assistants to each contact within the org chart.
  • You can use the data from within the org chart to build your buying center for the sales opportunity.

New Visualisation of Contacts and Accounts (Compact View)

  • Get a clear overview of all the latest data related to your accounts and contacts.
  • Ability to see the latest contacted date for your contacts and accounts. The date is calculated according to the appointment end-date or according to the IMAP or Gmail Integration related to the received or sent emails.
  • Feed update: Ability to see updates on the leads, opportunities and docs.
  • Feed update: Feed message now includes more detailed information.

New User Experience and Visualisation of the Profiles

  • We have updated the UX and UI of the options settings.
  • All profiles are now feature based i.e. when you create a profile within the reports, you cannot use it within the pipeline and vice versa.
  • When switching between basic and advanced filter Pipeliner CRM remembers your settings.
  • We implemented a better way to recognise “Who can see this profile?” and simplified the sharing system.
  • We have simplified and optimised the work of editing the reports:

    • Each report is now a separate report with its own report settings.
    • We have moved the sharing system of the reports into the report settings.
    • We have moved the editing of the report into the report settings.
    • We have grouped the report settings and the report options under just one dedicated report settings.
    • Reports – Filter by status has been moved under filter.
    • Reports – Introducing the New Filter By Pipeline per sales step.
    • You can create an accumulated pipelines report on all your opportunities across all sales pipelines you are using.

Important Notice for Current Users:

For the version 7.1 and earlier one report can be used for multiple profiles (1 Report = N Profiles). The new Phaenomena release changes this behaviour i.e one report to one report settings (1 Report = 1 Settings). After the upgrade to v7.5 all your reports (left list) will be migrated and all your report profiles (top right) will NOT migrated. If you want to upgrade to the latest version, you will need to create the reports per each profile first. For more information read this topic.

Massive Sync Update

  • Pipeliner CRM now immediately synchronizes your local data to the server.

Small Enhancements

  • Ability to access your sales step structure and sales units assignments within Pipeliner CRM.
  • Ability to use and report by contact’s position within the account.
  • Ability to print buying center chart.
  • Ability to print org chart.
  • Ability to restore deleted account.
  • Ability to create a report from within each screen in Pipeliner CRM based on the data you are seeing.
  • You can now build dashboard reports as you do for management reports.
  • All dashboard’s charts are loaded sequentially to delivered better UX speed.
  • We implemented the new visualisation when you move the leads or opportunities across sales pipeline.
  • When you move leads and opportunities through-out the pipeline, the data are now autosorted.
  • You can now use the condition “is empty” or “is not empty” to filter data within the fields.
  • We unify all buttons and its icons for a better user experience when working with Pipeliner CRM.
  • When linking contacts to the account, you can now use multiselect.
  • We enrich Pipeliner CRM About screen with more useful links to access.
  • You can now print the GTAC from within the Pipeliner CRM About screen into the PDF form.
  • We have moved the audit to be online-only i.e. you will be able to use Audit data only when you are connected to the internet. This change enables us to rapidly increase the speed of Pipeliner CRM application.
  • Ability to search for the fields when importing data during Import Wizard.
  • Ability to use default sales units when importing data.
  • Pipeliner CRM Mobile App for iOS supports x64 requirements.
  • Pipeliner CRM Facebook App supports latest Facebook API.

Bug Fixes

Many other small UX, visual and feature based enhancements. And also bug fixes.