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Pipeliner CRM v8.0.0 Desktop (Major Release)

16 July 2015
We are happy to announce the release of Pipeliner CRM 8.0.0 called Principia. This release consists of many great new features, small enhancements and bug fixes.

Upgrade to the latest version

New Features

Sales Actions (Required Fields per Sales Step in Pipeline)

  • Ability to assign standard or custom field on the opportunity level to an individual sales step in your sales pipeline.
  • Ability to make standard or custom field required on the opportunity level to an individual sales step in your sales pipeline.
  • When you make the field required for an individual sales step in pipeline, the qualification dialog helps you to fill-out the missing fields.

Sales Activities (Recommended Activities per Sales Step in Pipeline)

  • Ability to define check-list of sales activities for lead or opportunity per sales step/per pipeline.
  • You can related three types of sales activities into the sales activities checklist: simple checkbox, field from the lead/opportunity form or activity type.
  • Pipeliner auto-checks the sales activity when it’s being completed e.g. when you fill out the field in the form.
  • Pipeliner visualized the achievement of that particular step based on the activities done and motives you to finish the activities list.

New Visualisation of Tasks (Tasks Status Board) 

  • Pipeliner brings you a new visualization of the tasks in the activities – Tasks Board by Activity Statuses.
  • Tasks board has pre-defined columns per task statuses: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, Completed, Deferred.
  • You can drag and drop the tasks within the Tasks Board as you are use to do with the opportunities on the pipeline.
  • You can change the task card information via “View Settings” to consist of more relevant information.
  • Please note that tasks board columns cannot be customized.

Reports Updates

  • Ability to group the reports into the folder structure.
  • Ability to copy existing reports.
  • Ability to drill-down the pivot reports.
  • Ability to sort the reports on any field available in the report thorough the click on the column header.
  • Ability to export pivot reports into the Excel spreadsheet.

Massive Sync Update

  • Your data is now automatically synced from the server to your local client i.e. Pipeliner now syncs instantly.
  • Automatic sync at the first run.


  • We bring a new way of data profilling into Pipeliner CRM.
  • When you edit the contact and give it an email address during the next sync process Pipeliner adds many useful data into your contact i.e. contact photo, address, social media profiles etc.
  • When you edit the account and give it an email address during the next sync process Pipeliner adds many useful data into your contact i.e. account logo, address, social media profiles etc.
  • Auto-profiling does not replace your original data just add all missing data to you entities.

Google Sync Update

We updated the google sync for a better performance. Important: Google Contacts enables you to store up to 20.000 contact records. If you reach this limit by synchronizing your contacts over Pipeliner to Google, Pipeliner notifies you about the limit reach.

Small Enhancements

  • We moved the owner field into its dedicated box within the entity detail.
  • We moved the sales team field into its dedicated box within the entity detail.
  • We moved the created and modified date into its dedicated box within the entity detail.
  • Social media integrations have been moved to the right side-bar in the dedicated social media box.
  • You have now the ability to link external URL links to other social media profiles.
  • We unified the look and feel of Contacts Look-up dialogs. You can now assign contact’s position when assigning it to the account or contact’s sales role when assigning it to the opportunity.
  • Ability to auto-populate Contact’s Data from Account when creating the contact over Compact View.
  • We have simplified the way you can create contact related to the account by ability create new contact within having to go through the look-up dialog in the account detail.
  • We have reordered the apps within the your Pipeliner account settings to make the integration with Gmail or IMAP more visible.
  • We have optimized the visual view on your data in Pipeliner by bringing the new way to look on the data you have rights to edit or you have rights to read-only it.
  • The icon for owner of the data has been removed i.e. if the opportunity, lead, account or contact does not have any icon, you are the owner of it.
  • We have updated the default sales roles for buying center.
  • Emails are sorted in Pipeliner based on the date of send coming from the email client and not according to the date creation in Pipeliner.
  • We added the description field into the leads and opportunities notification emails.
  • We update Pipeliner build-in Help with the better visualization.
  • We simplified the way you can choose the owner within the filter.
  • You can now use “All Pipelines” view within Timeline when using multiple pipeline feature.
  • We brought a little visual updates to the pipeline archive to better understand the data you are looking at.
  • We update the visuals of the About screen.
  • We bring back the ability to read-through the whole activity subject in the feed without having to open the activity itself.
  • You have now ability to Add already added product into the opportunity.
  • Pipeline steps are now sorted correctly in the pivot table.
  • We unified the business overview within the account/contact detail with the opportunity overview in the detail.
  • We reversed the color set for the “Ranking” i.e. Green color represents now 100% change of winning the deal and 0% is represented in red.
  • We introduced the new “Getting Started” wizard for all users in Pipeliner.
  • We introduced the new “What’s New” wizard for all users in Pipeliner.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with auto scroll of the accounts list when switching between multiple accounts (Detail View).
  • Fix an issue when “Default Pipeline” name was available to choose when creating the sales opportunity even after renaming the pipeline itself.
  • Fix an issue when the contacts list was selected when editing contact over the accounts list.
  • Fix an issue with missing lost reasons within the management reports when using it within the Pivot report.
  • Fix an issue with opportunity closing date was listed next day instead of today’s date when moving the opportunity to the won step in Pipeline.
  • Fix an issue with custom sharing component that requires to double-select the sales unit in order to select it.
  • Other various bug fixes.