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Pipeliner CRM v8.0.1 Desktop (Minor Release)

17 September 2015
We are happy to announce the hot-fix Pipeliner CRM 8.0.1 release of Pipeliner CRM Principia. This release consists of some small bug fixes related to the application itself and Pipeliner CRM MS Outlook Integration.

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Bug Fixes

Pipeliner CRM Desktop Application

  • Fix the issue with document management when none of the file extensions were allowed to upload to Pipeliner CRM.
  • Fix the issue with the HRM (Hit-Rate Manager) where the past deleted account types were missing.
  • Fix the issue with the missing login buttons to Social Media Channels over entity detail in a case you have read-only access to the contact or account.
  • Fix the issue with the "Due Time" of the task which was not reflecting local time.
  • Fix the issue with the "Advanced Filter" where Pipeliner CRM was not able to filter data based on the custom field type "Integer" when selecting options: empty or not empty.
  • Fix the issue with the "Completed" list of "Sales Activities" when entering the list over the stage name.
  • Fix the issue with the "Sales Activities" checklist within the "Sales Lead".
  • Fix the issue with the "Bulk Update" of the custom field type "URL".
  • Fix the issue with the "Sales Opportunity" move action where after deleting the original pipeline the move button was missing.

Pipeliner CRM MS Office Integration

  • Fix the issue with attaching the emails without email ID to Pipeliner CRM (save email as attachment process).
  • Fix the issue with the "Default Sales Unit" where MS Outlook was not selecting the default sales unit when creating new contacts from MS Outlook to Pipeliner CRM.