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Pipeliner CRM v8.5.4 Desktop (Minor Release)

15 December 2015
We are happy to announce the Pipeliner CRM 8.5.4 release of Pipeliner CRM Arithmetica. This release consists of some small bug fixes related to the application itself and many small handy improvements.

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Small Enhancements

  • Ability to Multiple Opportunities Delete in the Pipeline Archive.
  • The sales opportunity monthly recurrence is now following specified date schedule (prior this release, all opportunity monthly recurrence were set to first day of the month.)
  • Ability to use Multi-select within the management reports in order to move multiple reports to the folders at once.
  • Performance Insights Update : When selecting a specific set of data to be displayed they are now remembered by system (prior this release, you have to configure the displayed KPIs every time you e.g. switched dates).
  • Updated the Twitter favorite icon to the "Like" button. 
  • Added the confirmation dialog when deleting a dashboard tab within Dashboard Reports.
Pipeliner CRM Multiselect within Reports
Pipeliner CRM Opportunities Multi Delete within Archive
Pipeliner CRM Twitter Icon Update

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue with ability to create unassigned private lead.
  • Fix the issue with the bulk update crash when bulk updating validated drop-downs.
  • Fix the issue with the Hit-rate Manager crash when using options during loading charts within the report itself.
  • Fix the issue with the missing "required" sign when adding multiple checkbox custom field into the sales actions.
  • Fix the issue with the shifted dates by one when exporting opportunities into the Excel.
  • Fix the issue with missing sales pipelines names within the reports.
  • Fix the issue with the sales unit change that did not reflect the selection done by user.
  • Fix the issue with the application crash when using pivot tables for creating report of lost reasons.
  • Fix the issue with auto-link feature when importing big date over CSV. file.
  • Fix the issue with the opportunities import when accepting opportunities did not work correctly.
  • Some other small language bug fixes.
  • Some other small design bug fixes.
  • Some other small bug fixes.