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Pipeliner CRM v9.0.0 Desktop (Major Release)

17 March 2016
We are happy to announce the release of Pipeliner CRM 9.0.0 called Automata. This release consists of many great new features, small enhancements and bug fixes.

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Unlike traditional CRM, Pipeliner has moved well beyond the concept of a standard dashboard to more targeted and innovative ways of delivering instant intelligence to the user. Intelligence that helps the user cut out the noise, easily navigate complexity and focus immediately on what is most important. Welcome to Pipeliner Navigator!

  • Activity Stream Navigator organizes you! It is a list of activities, tasks, and opportunities in date order, beginning with the closest to the present.
  • Target Overview Navigator focuses you! Our Dynamic Target feature is combined with a Target Trend graph that allows the user to see progress, over a specified time period, through three different metrics, toward a sales goal.
  • Notifications Navigator reminds you! In the Notifications section you will see 3 different boxes:

    • “Tasks” which will show you the number of overdue tasks;
    • “Missed Close Date” which shows you the number of opportunities with missed close dates,
    • “Velocity Issues” which will tell you how many opportunities are late getting moved from one stage to another, and
    • “Largest Open Opportunity.”
    • You can click into any of these to drill down to specifics.

  • Suggestions — Navigator advises you! Under suggestions you will see other areas in which actions should possibly be taken. These include Cold Accounts, Inactive Accounts, Inactive Leads, Stuck Opportunities, New Leads and more.
  • Business Overview — Navigator steers you! The Business Overview section graphically displays Open Opportunities, Open Sum, Won Sum, and Lost Sum—for the user-defined date range for which Navigator is currently set.
Pipeliner CRM Navigator
Pipeliner CRM Navigator Suggestions
Pipeliner CRM Navigator Business Overview

Forecast Reports

A new, vital report available with Pipeliner Automata is the new Forecast Report.

This report allows a sales manager to set quotas for each member of a sales team, and track quota achievement through a sales period for each quota set. 

Like many Pipeliner features, the Forecast Report is fully customizable, can be filtered with profiles, and shared with team members. 

Pipeliner CRM Forecast Reports

Dynamic Dropdowns

New functionality allows user-defined dropdown menus to dynamically relate to one another. For example, if a particular sales territory is selected, then another dropdown menu of “sales reps” would only be those reps for that territory.

  • Ability to create dynamic dropdowns as the fields on the entity forms.

    • By introducing dynamic dropdowns to your team you can speed up the time needed to enter your data. Dynamic dropdowns verify that the data from the depending dropdowns before the user can use the data within that field record.

  • In order to create dynamic dropdowns, you need to be a Pipeliner CRM Admin. See more details within the Admin release note.
Pipeliner CRM Dynamic Dropdowns

Small Enhancements

  • Email Integration/Feed Update

    • Pipeliner stores all of the email communications you have with customers in the cloud. In order to access your older email messages, just click on them within the contact's feed and Pipeliner loads them from the cloud. Please note, you need to be connected to the Internet to access all of them.
    • Pipeliner syncs and downloads to your desktop App the last 30 days of the email communication in order to make sync and speed of application faster. These email communications are accessible when you work offline.
    • You can now customize the Feed records to display within the “Compact View”.

  • Feeds Notification

    • You can now configure to receive the feed email notifications on the feed message creation.

  • Sync Improvements

    • We have implemented a special queueing system that optimizes the Pipeliner sync where it puts the Pipeliner sync in first place and sync Google account ONLY in a case that there are changes. As a consequence you will experience faster sync processes.

  • Database Speed Optimization

    • Pipeliner is now faster, much faster. We reviewed and optimized the application to better handle the massive data operations e.g. working with “Accounts” or “Contacts”.

  • Dashboard Reports Updates

    • We unify the UX (user experience) between reports and dashboards including Folder Structure, Drag-and-drop report, Single report where all charts can be added only once, Two new reports and more.
    • Lost reasons chart - displays up to 5 top Lost Reasons according to their count.
    • Win rate by opportunity value - Displays the effect of the opportunity value size on the win rate.

  • Management Reports Updates

    • Column Resize - Ability to resize the column per drag the drop action using mouse.
    • Drill-down Capabilities - Ability to drill-down to the report list by clicking on the record within the report. 
    • We fix the issue with the auto-scroll when opening any record in the report and editing it which caused the report to reload and jump on the top.
    • Paginating - Ability to use report pages to narrow down the number of records per page.
    • Ability to add sales pipeline as a column or row into the Pivot table.
    • We tweak the filtering conditions for the products and services.

  • Global Search Updates

    • We added the ability to Filter the archived (closed won and lost) opportunities and leads.
    • Drill-down Capabilities -  Ability to Drill-down the information based on the search results
    • Recently Opened - We added the recently opened activities into the global search.
    • Global Search Unification - We unify how the global search works within all the screens i.e. narrow down the number of results on the screen.

  • Navigation MENU Update

    • Split the accounts and contacts into two separate windows.
    • Split the activities and feeds into two separate windows.
    • Moved the help navigation onto the top navigation next to the account profile.
    • Remove the general notes.

  • General Improvements

    • Added marketing notifications within the application to get the latest Pipeliner updates notifications.
    • Performance Insights : Insights › Drill-down the information
    • Retain Last Used Window Size (Windows/Mac)
    • Grid Sorting Arrow : Turn Upside-down
    • Task Quick View Update with the information about the task type.

Bug Fixes

  • Many various bug fixes.