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Pipeliner CRM v9.1.0 Desktop (Minor Release)

7 April 2016
We are happy to announce the Pipeliner CRM 9.1.0 release of Pipeliner CRM Automata. This release consists of the improvements related to the opportunity grouping, forecast and some bug fixes and speed improvements.

Upgrade to the latest version

Small Enhancements

  • Visual Redo of the Opportunity Grouping - we replaced the colored "dots" by the real account, contact, unit logos and photos when grouping opportunities on the sales pipeline, archive and bubble chart.
  • Leads and Opportunities fields in the same Report - You can now use Leads custom fields within the opportunity report.
  • Forecast › Ability to Print Forecast report.
  • Forecast › Ability to use Option to Show / hide empty rows - You will be now able to show and forecast the periods where you do not have any opportunities with closing dates.
  • Forecast  (Choose columns) › When selecting the fields to be displayed, filter fields (columns) is enhanced by field variations names i.e. when you search for the field it's not empty anymore.
  • Forecast › Percentages are not rounded to whole number.
  • Improve the Filter by Sales Units with Include SubUnits that checked automatically also parent units i.e. it will not.
  • MS Office Incompatibility Issue - We have fix the issue with "Not Compatibility" error message from the MS Office Add-In. Users will not be able to see the MS Office Addin version in the about screen but Loader version. The loader we create is compatible with all supported versions of the application. Thus, our users should not be getting "incompatibility" issue anymore.
Pipeliner CRM Sales Opportunities Grouping by Account
Pipeliner CRM Sales Opportunities Grouping by Closing Dates
Pipeliner CRM Sales Opportunities Grouping by Ranking

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with the Box integration where you have not been able to login to your Box account via Pipeliner.
  • Fix an issue with the missing comments within the Feeds.
  • Fix an issue with the missing documents within the Feeds.
  • Fix an issue with the email missing in the opportunity detail of it's Feed.
  • Fix an issue with Navigator › Profile created as Copy doesn't show All Pipelines in profiles selector
  • Fix an issue with Forecast where Endless loading of Drilldown on Splitted Won values where available.
  • Fix an issue with the position update within the lead contact card where the position update was not updated.
  • Fix an issue with the Week numbers on calendar that was displaying wrong week number.
  • Other minor bug fixes.