Customized Calculation Convenience

A CRM solution is only as useful as it can be customized to a company's specific sales operations. 

Saving Time Equals Saving Money

Time is money—time saved in administrative functions means money earned. In addition to all other major functionality, this is also true of fields used within your CRM -- each company is going to have its own requirements. 

For example:

  • Every company has its own commission structure and calculation
  • A sales organization might want profitability shown with each opportunity
  • A company might want to have a field that automatically figures in special discounts for pricing, for certain customers

Auto-Calculated Fields

In Pipeliner CRM we have made Auto-Calculated (user-defined) Fields a matter of a few clicks, for any user. Auto-Calculated Fields are available for:

  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Contacts
  • Accounts

An Auto-Calculated Field can be as simple as creating a mathematical function between two fields. For example:

  • A “commission” Field could consist of opportunity value multiplied by commission percentage.
  • A “profitability” Field could be created by subtracting “opportunity cost” from “opportunity value.”

Pipeliner CRM Auto-Calculated Fields have endless uses, and can save valuable sales hours having to perform manual calculations outside the application.


Auto Calculated Fields
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