Auto-Profiling: Saving Hours of Admin Work

How much time would you save if you could enter one piece of data--and the rest of the account or contact data would be filled in for you? 

Data Automation Works for You

When you are filling in data for an account, you often have lots to enter  company, address, phone, social media data (if available), and more.

What if you could enter a single piece of data—and the rest would be filled in automatically?

It’s a high-tech age, and high-tech solutions are the order of the day. Introducing Pipeliner CRM Auto-Profiling!

When you enter an email address for a Contact, or a URL for any Account, we immediately begin to search online for publicly available information such as avatar, address, title, social media accounts, and more. Once this data has been verified with a high probability of an exact match, the data is automatically filled in for you!

Note: This feature is currently available by invitation. Please sign up here to take advantage of Pipeliner’s new Auto-Profiling feature.


Auto Profiling