Automated Task Scheduler

Even more time saved--tasks automatically created as you move an opportunity into the next stage.

Pipeliner Schedules Necessary Activities for You

For some time now, Pipeliner has made it possible for companies to create mandatory activities and tasks that had to be completed in order for a sale to be moved from one stage of the sales process to the next.

Now, however, when an opportunity is moved from one stage to the next in your Sales Process, necessary activities will be suggested. They can either be edited (as for dates and times) or simply saved; if so they will be automatically scheduled.

The benefit is the saved time for both sales managers and salespeople from having to manually create duplicate tasks that are relevant to more than one sales stage.

As an example, an opportunity is moved from a sales stage of Initial Contact to the Demo stage. Immediately these activities are suggested:

  • the salesperson should update the Buying Center with current information
  • confirm the prospect has watched a video
  • prospect should be sent demo document
CRM Automated Task Scheduler

Activities are suggested automatically as you move opportunity from one stage to another

Edit the these activities or save them and have reminders and due dates set automatically

Set your own activities and tasks that would be suggested for each stage

Know Exactly What to Do and When

The activities can be edited with dates and times, or they can simply be saved. If they are just saved, the salesperson can open the opportunity, go to Activities, and see that Pipeliner has automatically scheduled the tasks with appropriate due dates and reminders.

It’s totally automatic: Salespeople will know exactly what to do and when to do it, so activities and tasks are never forgotten.

Suggested activities are easily set up in Administration, by anyone with Manager Rights:

  • Go to Administration, Sales Space and then Sales Pipelines.
  • Chose the appropriate pipeline and stage of the pipeline.
  • Add a new sales activity and choose Predefined Activity Type.
  • Name your task, and set up your task details.
  • Set a priority.
  • Set a due date.
  • Finish it up and Save.
  • Automatic Task Scheduling is yet another of Pipeliner’s powerful visual features.