Your 3D Timeline: Stage, Time and Size

Pipeliner CRM’s 3D Timeline gives you yet another view of your opportunities, graphically providing the most relevant aspects of every deal.

A 3D Map of Opportunities

Sales professionals are always looking toward the future, at when which opportunities are scheduled to close. But in doing so, there must be exact relevance to the view:

  • In which sales process stage does the deal reside?
  • What is the estimated close date?
  • How big is the deal, and what are its particulars?

With Pipeliner’s 3D Timeline all of these aspects are instantly seen. Sales pipeline stages run up the left-hand side. The timeline runs from left to right, and the size of the deal is expressed in the size of the “bubble.” Simply mouse over or click on a bubble for a closer view of that deal.

Pipeliner CRM now brings you complete timeframe understanding – instantly, visually.

Bubble Timeline 3D Chart

Size of each Opportunity gives you visual hint as to what is the Opportunity value

See the stage, due date and Sales Velocity of each Opportunity in one screen

Pipeliner Dynamic Target helps you keep an eye on your goals

Target View

The Pipeliner Dynamic Target View has been imported into the 3D timeline and is always visible. Your sales goals are always plainly in view.

Filter for Closer Look

You can utilize the same filters used for the main Pipeline View, to zero in on specific account types, rankings, dollar amounts or other parameters. This adds even more analytic functionality to your 3D timeline

Analysis Action

Within the 3D timeline you can take actions:

  • Click and drag the Timeline right or left to instantly view the number of deals in any time period.
  • Click and drag any deal to change its close date.
  • Click and drag deals from one pipeline stage to another. Instantly create a Timeline Report.
  • Opportunity Groupings - Pipeliner offers numerous choices with which you can visually and logically group opportunities, for specific on-the-spot analysis, such as ranking, company logo, and velocity.

The Pipeliner CRM Timeline is yet another feature that allows you to instantly analyze your sales future – and take action.