Business Intelligence

Pipeliner CRM delivers both leading and lagging indicators of success that enable you to proactively manage your business.

Pipeliner CRM Business Intelligence (BI) Key Features

Business intelligence (BI) is the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information that allows you see what is working and what is not.

Having easy access to key metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) is critical to running a successful sales organization and this is exactly what Pipeliner CRM delivers.

Here’s what a customer says:

The robust management options are focused on helping managers coach and improve their sales team's performance. There are many options for managers... Everything is there.

— Chris Houghtaling

Here are some of the highlights:


  • Organized Reports - Folders house an unlimited number of Reports in a familiar filing system -- generate them easily from any data source in Pipeliner.
  • New Report - A Reports Button allows you to immediately run a Report on almost any screen you’re looking at.
    • You can also print these out for executive access.
  • Predefined Reports - Choose from a large predefined list of the most commonly used Reports -- or create your own custom Reports. Export Reports to share, or print them as PDF files.
Management Reports Forecast

Set sales quotas for entire team based on overall sales quota

Set sales quotas for teams, sales units and even individual members

Real-time tracking and sharing capabilities across the organization

Filters / Views

Pipeliner provides Filters and Views settings for the Pipeline, Activities, Contacts, Accounts, and even Reports that enable you to drill down into the information.

  • My View” allows you to configure personal or restricted views such as salesperson, manager, admin and/or public view.
  • Create Useful Pivot Tables - Compare and slice and dice data any way you choose, instantly.
  • Quickly gauge the health of your Pipeline by looking at different views such as revenue by stage, or total number of Opportunities
    • Pipeliner also offers Email Notifications when anything changes.
  • Uncover Coaching opportunities - Account Activity shows exactly whatthe  salespeople are doing allowing you to coach and support when needed.
  • Monitor Forecast Accuracy - Compare real-time activities against sales forecasts to monitor accuracy and adjust expectations.
  • Discover Where Deals “drop off” so you can see where additional support, tools or training may be needed
  • Know Your Velocity - Pipeliner CRM automatically tracks how long it takes a deal to progress from Lead all the way to Close, and how much time the Deal takes for each step along the way. You can immediately see which deals are stalled.
  • View Opportunities through multiple lenses -- (e.g., by Dollar Value, Owner, etc.). Choose from 20+ Filters -- (e.g., show only Opportunities that are “stuck” or a moving at a specific Velocity).
  • Set Your Profile Views - Set up the views that matter to you and have them always available from a drop-down menu.
  • Complete Archive - Complete Archive of all deals, won or lost -- Gather insights about your team to adjust the sales process. Reactivate any deal immediately when an Opportunity comes back to life.

Target Views

Pipeliner provides you with 5 different Target views of your Pipeline: Weighted, Ranked, Balanced, Unweighted, Real. This allows you forecast  revenue by stage weighting, by salesperson ranking, or by a combination of both. You can also see the gross value of everything in the Pipeline and of course, look at what has closed.

Hit-Rate Manager

Our Hit-Rate Manager is Sales performance reporting. Watch the activities of your sales team – filtering by market segment, date range, sales unit, individual, industry type – any way you choose.


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