History Log: Tracking Changed Data in CRM

When needed, you can instantly and visually track changes made in CRM with Pipeliner’s History Log. 

Tracking Changed Data Is Simple and Visual

From an administrative or supervisory standpoint, it can be important to view any changes made to the CRM system, including who made them and when. You need this data when:

  • You see a pattern of opportunities being moved too soon
  • You see a high amount of incorrect data is being entered
  • You suspect that someone (who should not be making changes) is making changes

Some CRM applications have no easy way of tracking such changes—but like everything else, Pipeliner has made the solution simple and visual.

Pipeliner CRM History Log

The Pipeliner CRM History Log (Audit) can be accessed two different ways.

  • From any Lead, Opportunity, Contact, or Account – simply select Audit and see who has recently made changes.
  • From the Pipeline View, go to the Reports tab and select Audit to view a full Report of recent changes made in CRM.

The History Log shows you changes in:

  • Ownership
  • Creation
  • Update
  • Qualification
  • Movement
  • Status

Additionally you can focus in on changes by

  • Specific time period
  • Specific user


History Log