Tracking Sales Efficiency

Manage your sales team more efficiently. Instantly view their recent activities with Pipeliner Hit-Rate Manager.

Check How Your Reps are Doing

Among many other functions, a sales manager is charged with tracking sales team efficiency. There are obviously many different ways to do that—but you certainly need to understand the actions your salespeople are taking on a regular basis. For instance:

  • How many calls are being made, and to what type of accounts?
  • Are the right accounts being followed up?
  • Are reps reaching out to both new and existing customers?
  • How many tasks and activities are the team tackling?
  • What kinds of actions are being performed, and are they being performed on the right kinds of leads and accounts?

Instead of hunting all over for this kind of data, Pipeliner CRM locates it all in one place for you.

Hit Rate Manager

From the Pipeliner CRM interface, simply select Reports > Hit Rate Manager from the bottom Tab Menu.

You can then narrow your scope with:

  • Type of account (new or existing customers)
  • Class of account (rated by your sales team)
  • Type of activity (call, webinar, meeting, demo, etc.-- as defined by your company and sales process)
  • Period (from/to)
  • Sales unit, entire team or even a single individual

Once these selections are made, your Hit Rate Manager Report is instantly created! It shows the number of actions made by activity type, on which type of account, for the time period specified.

Combine with Profiles

You can actually combine the Pipeliner CRM Profiles Feature with Hit Rate Manager for regular viewing of data you need:

  1. Create a Profile, detailed to the View you regularly make
  2. Run a Hit Rate Report for that profile, instantly, whenever you need it.
Hit Rate Manager