Dynamic Target: Now With Multiple Values

Dynamic Target feature now becomes a sharply focused analysis tool

Greatly Expanded Dynamic Target Functionality

Our Dynamic Target Feature is one of the most unique in the CRM industry. It keeps a constant visual check on your target progress–always visible when viewing from the main Pipeline View, from the 3D Timeline, or from the Archive.

But now our Dynamic Target Feature is capable of showing more than one KPI (Key Performance Indicator). In fact, you can:

  • Compare values of any 2 numeric fields in Pipeliner, including fields you yourself create.
  • Compare values of any numeric field to a previous period.

This feature allows you to answer questions such as:

  • Did the value of our opportunities increase this month compared to the previous month? Or did they decline?
  • Have we created more opportunities this year than last year?
  • How we lost more or less than last year?

In addition to monitoring the value that the Dynamic Target has always been used for (Opportunity Value), the number of values you can calculate is virtually unlimited–as long as they are numeric, and contained in Pipeliner. You can monitor the number of deals, the number of products, gross margin, or any others your particular company needs.

Pipeliner CRM Dynamic Target

Utilize multiple KPIs in the Dynamic Target and see the impact instantly

Pipeliner CRM offers 5 different Target views

Examine multiple scenarios by comparing values contained in your Sales Pipeline

Analyzing Lost Opportunities

You can utilize the same functionality--in other words, perform the same analysis–within Pipeliner's unique Archive feature. In the Archive is found all of your lost deals, along with all information, tasks and activities associated with them. Since the Dynamic Target Feature is now available in the Archive, it is yet another fantastic analysis tool with which you can examine lost deals.

Your Target Window

A target is something that is always moving–but with Pipeliner’s Dynamic Target Feature, you always know, in real time, how your current sales activities and actions are adding up to your final target. And now with its Multiple KPI Feature, you can analyze more deeply than previously possible, from numerous different dimensions.