Forecast Reports

Set team member quotas and monitor attainment in real time.

If there is a single element that a company really needs to be accurate from a CRM application, it is a sales forecast. There are many reporting capabilities within Pipeliner which support and empower forecasting--but Pipeliner’s Forecast Report has a specific guiding purpose for the entire team.

Setting Quotas

The first stage of the forecast report is the setting of quotas for team members, usually based on the overall sales quota. Quotas are for a specific time period.


Once quotas are set, the report is constantly updated (whenever it is run) to show progress of team members against their individual quotas.


Reports can be shared only with specific team members, or across the whole sales unit, depending on your preferences. Users can then work with that report in Pipeliner.

Forecast Reports can also be exported when needed. The Export function will create the report as a separate file which can be utilized in a separate application outside of Pipeliner.

Sales Forecasting Reports

Set sales quotas for entire team based on overall sales qouta

Set sales quotas for teams, sales units and even individual members

Real-time tracking and sharing capabilities across the organization

Forecast Reports Joins Pipeliner Sales Report Suite

Pipeliner CRM brings users a powerful line of reporting capabilities. In addition to Forecast Reports, these include:

  • 1-Click Reporting For nearly any view in Pipeliner, for any filter you have set up, you can immediately generate an on-demand management report. It can be saved so that it can be referenced or recreated at any time.
  • 24 Popular Preformatted Sales Reports give you mix-and-match views to monitor up-to-the-minute sales performance.
  • Pivot Tables Your sales team can drill down into the data and generate custom sales reports from multiple data sources using Pipeliner's pivot table capability. These pivot tables are easily accessed and easy to configure.
  • And Many More

Anyone Can Do It

Pipeliner CRM Reporting is designed to be just as useful for salespeople as it is for management. Every member of the sales team can access, set up, and modify their own Reports without admin privileges, technical support, or coding skill. Pipeliner CRM’s highly visual and intuitive user interface will help you understand the flow of information and use all data inside your sales pipeline to your benefit.


Sales Forecasting Reports