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Salesforce & Pipeliner CRM: a Comparison

Salesforce Pipeliner CRM
Onboarding Lengthy (weeks, months) onboarding period Fast onboarding process (days)
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Customization Requires specialized Admins and Developers.

Controlled by IT / Coding required.
No external hiring needed. Controlled by Sales organization. Visual drag & drop customization.

Wizard-based / No coding required
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Future Readiness Inflexible Flexible and agile
Hidden Costs Specialized modules only available at higher cost Editions. Core product for everyone / Nothing hidden
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You need a CRM built for the way sales happen today. An app for salespeople should be an app they enjoy using — one they can count on to help them with their workflow and make their jobs easier. The last thing businesses need is a bloated, unintuitive, hard-to-administer program — one that is expensive to run, needs additional personnel, and doesn’t keep up with web standards — and nobody wants to use an app with a nightmare interface.

Take a close look and compare. In five years, do you want to look back and say “Where would we be now if we had used a CRM tool that actually excited our salespeople, instead of demoralizing and frustrating them with the wrong tool?”


77% of Pipeliner customers surveyed found Pipeliner "very easy" or "easy but with a few minor issues" to get up and running. Also 41% of Pipeliner CRM customers reported that training took 1 to 5 days. Fourteen percent said it took less than 1 day.

Customization and Future Readiness

Customization can be simple or complex. The difference between simple and complex is paid in time and money. How many salespeople want to write code? Nobody knows exactly what the future will bring. But the most thoughtful products build in flexibility to cope with the road ahead, as well as tweaks to the process along the way.

Hidden Costs

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of affordability for all the platforms you consider. For some, the base price is just the beginning — those costs can mount quickly.

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