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Pipeliner CRM Arithmetica

The world’s most visual CRM adds real sales performance management and greatly enhanced visual functionality.

Back To The Roots – and Into the Future

It seems so simple to any of us that work with Pipeliner on a daily basis. You open it, you see your deals visually laid right out before you. You check out the tasks and activities to be done—these are also visually (simply and powerfully) right there. The same is true for communications, contacts, and every other aspect of an opportunity.

Tens of thousands the world over have discovered the powerful simplicity of Pipeliner, and its totally visual functionality. It's not just CRM—it’s SeeRM.

Behind the Scenes

But behind Pipeliner's visual elements, and every one of its functions, lie carefully structured higher mathematical calculations, without which none of this would be possible.

With this new version, we have traced Pipeliner all the way back to its functional roots—and found ourselves in the 3rd century, with a work by the ancient Greek mathematician Diophantus, called Arithmetica. Mathematical scholars point to Arithmetica as the foundation of higher mathematics, and to Diophantus as the “Father of Algebra.”

Visual metrics for insights in Sales Performance Management

Discover how reps or teams compare to one another with just a few clicks

One or more KPIs can be utilized in comparing team members over a specific time period

Zero in: Utilize “Click-to-Detail” functionality to focus in on a specific user and related KPIs

Pipeliner Arithmetica

Our new Pipeliner version—aptly named Arithmetica—visualizes core metrics like never before. In addition to its already robust visual functionality, we are introducing these new major features:

Performance Insights

Performance Insights is a brand-new Pipeliner feature which graphically lays out the performance of each team member, each team, or the entire sales force. It provides instant visualization of revenue, numbers of deals won and lost, and opened and closed opportunities. You can even compare indicators of one rep or team to the other.

Multiple KPIs in Target View

Currently the Target View is only based on Opportunity Value—but with Arithmetica's Multiple KPI feature, you can base your target calculations on any KPI you wish. For example, in a pre-sales pipeline a marketing department might be focused on the number of qualified leads instead of their value. The Target feature can be based on number of leads instead of opportunity value, so that Pipeliner is totally customized to that function.

Multiple KPIs opens up Pipeliner functionality to much broader horizons than ever before—and currently Pipeliner is the only CRM solution to offer this functionality.

Background Synchronization

Pipeliner continues to provide the only complete solution to online/offline functionality. Now users no longer have to wait while Pipeliner synchronizes with the Cloud—it happens automatically, in the background. No more lost productivity; users just keep on working!

Additionally you will see many fantastic improvements to existing features, which you will hear about shortly.

Once again, Pipeliner CRM is the industry leader with one-of-a-kind powerful, visual functionality!


Pipeliner CRM Sales Performance Insights
Pipeliner CRM Sales Performance Insights
Pipeliner CRM 3d Pipeline View

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