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Pipeliner CRM Phaenomena - Version 7.5

Pipeliner CRM Phaenomena

Euclid’s Phaenomena set out the basic model for the motion of stars and planets. In the work, Euclid described how the visible stars move, and their arcs across the sky. The work became an important foundation for how astronomers and mathematicians study the stars today, and how they track multiple stars, star systems and planets throughout the cosmos.

Before this Phaenomena release, Pipeliner CRM offered a single sales pipeline to view — a limited solar system! -- which allowed a salesperson or sales manager to follow sales through the specific steps of their sales process. Now, with this release, an organization can utilize and visually see more than one pipeline.

Your Opportunities are your planetary bodies, comprised of the planets and moons in your Sales constellation. What’s your sales constellation telling you? Are you looking through a vintage spyglass or through the the Hubble -- the world’s most powerful telescope?

Mapping the solar system -- once explained and visible to all -- changed the world forever. Our goal with Pipeliner CRM is to make CRM a visual system that everybody understands and benefits from. Each release is an opportunity to advance that goal and give you a window into your sales universe.


Pipeliner CRM - Multiple Slase Pipelines
Pipeliner CRM - Compact View
Pipeliner CRM - Org Chart

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