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Pipeliner CRM Principia: It’s All About the Motion

Announcing the next breakthrough version of Pipeliner CRM: Principia!

What Does “Principia” Mean?

Principia (full title Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematicais) is the name of a work written by Sir Isaac Newton, first published in 1687. It has been hailed by many as one of the great milestones in the history of science. This revolutionary work laid out, in mathematical terms, Newton’s laws of motion, and detailed observations of the effects of gravity between celestial bodies (planets and moons), and even the actions of unobservable particles which set the stage for today’s studies of quantum mechanics.

Why This Name?

It is extremely apt that we have named our new version of Pipeliner CRM Principia—for in this new version it’s all about the motion.

Newton’s Principia made it possible for future scientists to predict, with far more accuracy, the motions of—and interaction between—heavenly bodies. Pipeliner CRM Principia, with its new metrics and visualization of sales motion, makes it far more possible to accurately predict the future path of a sale.

Sales Activities Checklist

New, Revolutionary Features

Required Fields for Pipeline Stage Movement

The big news for this new version is required fields for movement of an opportunity from one stage to the next. A rep must complete certain activities before an opportunity can be moved, which brings a higher level of predictability into sales, and makes for much more accurate forecasting.

Additionally the visual presentation of required features brings the sales process into kind of a game—where salespeople can see how much progress is required to win, in each stage.

Required fields are optional—meaning, a sales organization can add these as they see fit, but they’re not a required part of the solution out of the box.

Visualized Activities

Within activities, there will now be a “mini-pipeline” so that an activity is divided up into visual steps much like the pipeline. Completed tasks are clear, and it’s also clear which are still required. In the “activity” icon, progress on the activity appears visually, and it’s clear which are overdue and by how long.

Without visualization, activities can become a bit overwhelming. A rep can look at a long list and say, “Oh, man, I’ve got 15 things I need to get done today!” But visualizing them the Pipeliner way makes activities less complex, and makes it simpler and easier for a salesperson to get through. It’s simply a matter of seeing it, doing it and moving it to the next phase.

Both of these new, revolutionary features provide an immediate increase in productivity for salespeople, sales managers and sales organizations. Now it’s not only the overall progress through the pipeline that is visualized and measured, but progress within each stage and each activity.

With this information visually displayed, a manager or rep knows instantly and precisely what needs to be done to move that opportunity forward.

New Features Brought by Pipeliner Principia

Take a look at new features and functionality brought forward by Pipeliner CRM Principia. Read more ›


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