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Pipeliner CRM 8.0 — Principia

Businesses of all types have become increasing complex and most companies struggle with a way to bring consistency and predictability to how they operate, in particular to how they sell.

Pipeliner solves this problem by providing one central system of record that takes a prospect from lead to opportunity to sale to renewal while streamlining your business, saving you time, focusing your attention and significantly increasing your chances of winning more business.

With this new Principia release, Pipeliner has developed some new features and enhanced some existing one to deliver the first truly integrated CRM Selling System.

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Pipeliner CRM 8.0 Principia
Task Management
Sales Reports

New Features

Sales Activies

#1 Guiding Sales Actions with Activities

You now have the option to support your Sales Actions with a checklist of Activities (To-Do’s) that reps must complete in order to move an Opportunity from one sales stage to the next in the CRM system.

This activities approach is designed to help minimize risk and increase predictability. It comes with a handy status indicator to keep everyone on track.

You have three way to handle your Sales Actions:

  • Text-based To-Do’s (e.g., “Yes” or “No”)
  • Activity-based To-Do’s (Checkmark)
  • Field To-Do’s (Fill in Blank)

*These options are in Administration, and can be set as Required or Optional.

Pipeliner CRM - Sales Task Management

#2 Task Board: A New View

Organizing and viewing tasks is now easy with the new visual Task Board

  • Tasks now mirror your pipeline flow. Drag and drop as usual. Columns indicate task status: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, Finished, Deferred.
  • Toggle from a simple to a complex view of each Task.

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Pipeliner CRM - Auto Populated Data

#3 Auto-Populated Accounts and Contacts Means Less Data Entry for You

When you enter an email address for any Contact or home page URL for any Account, Pipeliner automatically fills in the Contact and Account record with publicly available information like: avatar, address, title, social media accounts, and more, saving you time and effort. Pipeliner will only return data when there is high probability of an exact match (no dirty data!).

Starting today, we’re sending out the first round of invitations to give this feature a try. If you do not receive the invitation, please click here to get an invitation as soon as more become available.

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Pipeliner CRM - Sales Reports

#4 More Powerful Reports

We’ve made several key enhancements to Report management:

  • Drill down into individual Opportunities inside Reports (Time-saver)
  • Group Reports in folders (Familiar file structure)
  • Drag and drop Reports to folders (Just like in the Pipeline View)
  • Sort a Report by any Field available (Just click the header)
  • Pivot Table enhancement — (Now dive deeper for more insights)

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Pipeliner CRM - Improved Sync

#5 Pipeliner Got MUCH Faster

We’re now blazingly fast at synchronization — you’ll notice the difference. A beautiful complement to our offline advantages.

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