PK Companies

PK Companies Serve the Oil and Gas Industry with a New Kind of Pipeline – Pipeliner CRM!

One of the things that really stood out was the techsavviness of the business model—the true definition of what the product could do for a customer. Inevitably with everybody else I talked to, it was some sales kid on the phone just trying to line something up, or a salesperson who just didn’t have the knowhow to find me a solution. But from the get-go the Pipeliner CRM approach was, ‘How can we help with your pain point?’ That worked really well for me. Before we even got into the license agreement, we had multiple discussions about what the potential of the product for us. It was him saying, ‘We can find a solution for what you need.’ I tell you what, it worked.

Larry Nichols
PKSTI Marketing Manager

About PK Companies

PK Companies is the parent company of three individual companies: PK Industrial, PK Safety and PK Technology. The parent company is formally referred to as PKSTI—each of the last 3 letters standing for Safety, Technology and Industrial. The companies offer solutions to the oil and gas industry.

  • PK Industrial deals with application of fireproofing and corrosionprotection coatings to equipment and structural elements within refineries. Coatings can be applied within the company’s multiple-inshop facilities, or on-site throughout the country and abroad.
  • PK Safety offers equipment to help ensure the safety of workers and first responders. Services include first-aid, onsite medical dispatch, hole-watch, fire-watch, fresh breathing air, repel and rope safety. Equipment includes gas detectors, clothing, gloves, respirators, harnesses, lifelines, and much more.
  • PK Technology, the newest company of the three, offers solutions for mobile coating inspection and data collection technology for onshore and offshore facilities. PK Technology was an innovator of mobile inspection technology, and in fact was first to market with a native iPad application specific to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.