Rentals United

Pipeliner CRM Helps Rentals United Pave the Future of Vacation Rentals

Pipeliner CRM is the main worktool used by our sales team today. All client leads are registered, and then we have configured nine different sales steps for our business. Pipeliner CRM makes it easy to follow the different steps in the sales cycle, all the way to the end goal.

Wilhelm Liljencrantz
Sales and Development Manager at Rentals United

Rentals United needed an easy-to-use and affordable solution to their CRM challenges. They found that solution in Pipeliner CRM.

Read how they found and implemented Pipeliner CRM -- and customized the sales process to maximum effect.

The case study describes:

  • How Rentals United moved from complicated and unwieldy to simple and streamlined
  • How their sales team has reacted to the new, visual CRM format
  • How an easy Administration approach is saving time
  • How the team implemented a new sales process tailored to their needs