How Pipeliner Has Changed the Company

When I first researched it, Pipeliner claimed we could customize the program specifically for our sales process. I loved that, because every sales process is different—especially ours up here in Canada with landscaping and snow removal. We’re constantly trying to refine things. Being able to customize it was definitely the best thing I thought about Pipeliner before we purchased it.

Keegan Andreas
Co-owner and Sales Manager

About Seasonal Impact Contracting

Seasonal Impact Contracting, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, provides landscape maintenance, landscape development, landscape enhancement and snow removal services across five different business sectors: commercial buildings, multi-family dwellings, retail establishments, industrial buildings, and oil and gas. The new but rapidly growing company has been in business since 2011.

Pipeliner CRM

Seasonal Impact has been using Pipeliner CRM for the last 2 years. The application is used for all aspects of sales. “We’ve deployed Pipeliner with all of our sales reps,” says Keegan Andreas, co-owner and sales manager. “We use it on a daily basis to track all our sales—from lead generation right through to the win stage. Once the call comes into the office it gets immediately put into lead generation, and then it goes through our sales process. It’s been amazing.”